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  1. Sadilek is the future of PSV at left-back. Watch him play prior to his injury!
  2. Jordy Bruijn was an anchor for Heerenveen last season at the midfield. He has very good vision and dribbling meaning he can thread in difficult passes as well as getting the opposition off him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmC0Wt2g2uM
  3. Nouha Dicko is a Malian striker that plays on Vitesse loaned from Hull City. This past season he had a pretty solid year at Vitesse prompting a return to Hull City. Will Dicko shine with Hull City next season or will we see him play elsewhere? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6Pw20_OCz8
  4. Thats a good shout, their midfield is getting older and their youngster Jude Bellingham is linked with a move away from Birmingham.
  5. So the other day I decided to make some highlights about Pelle Clement and I realized what a beast he is. He knows how to thread in passes in short windows, is not afraid to fight for the ball which generates good options for counterattacks, and knows how to dribble himself into a great position. Where do ya'll think he will be playing next season? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APpN7e1TKBM
  6. Ache has proven himself to be possibly Frankfurt's next biggest star. He scored five times this past season in the Eredivisie. Ache has shown a target man playing style that could fit Frankfurt's scheme. He has shown great positioning, always being in the perfect position to receive passes. Also, he has proven to be a very solid aerial threat that loves to head in goals. Check out his highlights and let me know! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BqztbI9edQ
  7. Cmon man Man I'd love to be football agent, that'd be amazing
  8. Thoughts on this young Norwegian youngster? I believe he will have his breakout season this year!
  9. The team's winger, Henrik Björdal, asked me to make a highlight reel about his last season but I can't find clips anywhere. Any ideas?
  10. Forreal? He played for Palermo in the early 2010's and left his mark over there Who cant blame him lmao
  11. Agreed, sad to see him go there at the peak of his career
  12. Former Hull City striker Abel Hernandez had a forgettable spell at Russia with CSKA Moscow this past season suffering injuries and the coach not allowing him to play. Now he is moving to Qatari side Al Ahli. Is this the downfall of his career for the 28 year old?
  13. No man, I'm from Panama and we know almost everybody, I personally know the owner of his current club, Plaza Amador
  14. Raschl has proven himself to be possibly Dortmund's next biggest star. He scored twice in Dortmund first friendly against Schweinsberg. After that, he started for Dortmund against the Seattle Sounders in the 3-1 win. Raschl has shown a very relaxed playing style that could fit Favre's scheme. He has shown great positioning, always being in the perfect position to receive passes. Also, he has proven to be a very solid tackler that loves to pressure without the ball. Following next, his finishing has been phenomenal for a defensive midfielder and his passing has been great. It shows that he would do anything to keep the play alive.
  15. Not really, but I do have his contact
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