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  1. OK, I'll try to go 1 better "we rule the world" Instead of "We arra People"
  2. Sidewalk instead of pavement Hotel lobby instead of reception
  3. I was rooting for England all through WC 2018 just as i am rooting for them this evening.
  4. Why in heck did he want to have a fight with you?
  5. Time will tell as always, they are protecting each other, who will be the first to crack and tell all?
  6. Fair play, edited post by Hairy, didn't see it or get a notice. His turn
  7. Motorbikes have never been my thing RD, i knew enough young in life that for someone like myself it would be a dangerous course. I prefer life over cheap thrills.
  8. Wasn't being cryptic mate, but you have the right answer, Spurs won the cup winner's cup in 1963. On to you
  9. Get real mate, have Hibs won a European trophy? No, so try again
  10. Same thing happened to me a few years back, piece of scaffold (a metal bar) fell off the lorry in front of me about 100metres ahead, bounced up about windshield height then hit the ground and went under my car as i ran over it. It was a matter of seconds metres and i was getting that bar through the windshield. Heard the clangs as it passed under the car, checked things as soon as i got home and luckily no damage.
  11. Who is or was this member exactly and what were his "little games"?
  12. I respect your analysis of the disappearance but sadly i disagree.
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