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  1. Glory Glory Man Utd, Glory Glory Man Utd, i could go on and on
  2. Great comment PhilK, welcome aboard
  3. Read the article, sad and terrible assault A 34-year-old man was later arrested about the assault. He was released on bail on Monday pending further enquiries. If he is the guilty party then let's hope the rule of the law will come down hard on him and give him the jail time he deserves.
  4. Strolled down your twitter feed but didn't see anything about arrests or charges, any other links mate?
  5. Do we know who conducted out this terrible assault? have the culprits been arrested and charged?
  6. The Donald getting called a "racist" by a bunch of Democrat Bitches really pisses me off
  7. Then go for it mate, here's wishing you another 20 years of mowing the lawn
  8. Tried to explain the game of cricket to a bunch of frogs this afternoon, ignorant cunts were looking and sniggering at me like i had just come down from the moon.
  9. I hope and think this is going to be one hell of an Open Championship, let's hope the weather holds up with a bit of wind to make things interesting Do you have previsions for the weather?
  10. Australian kids go on a fishing trip https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-48985699
  11. Seems a bit cheap for a lawnmower dug, is that not the price you paid 20 years ago?
  12. If they don't try to hit big England are losing this
  13. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/49709/Djokovic_vs_Federer.html
  14. Roger just farted his way back into this with a break of wind, can he keep a tight asshole now ?

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