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  1. Gasworks_Gus and now Mickey Methane, something has got to blow
  2. I must admit i am suspicious of all new members since Mags has been banned, i have no idea how BB can tell the real from the fakes.
  3. That looks tough, will be lucky to come away with a draw.
  4. So Scotland and England have been drawn against each other, when is this game being held?
  5. No not really, Scotland crept in through some obscure back door, don't even know where it's being held to be honest.
  6. This famous church is well loved by tourists from all over the World, in which city can you visit it?
  7. Results for week 35 of the super SPL fun predictor season 2020 - 2021 fellow members Wednesday 21st April Hamilton Academical 18:00 Motherwell 2 Hibernian 18:00 Livingston 1 St Johnstone 19:00 Rangers x Aberdeen
  8. Skyline gave it away.
  9. It's my turn mate, but as you're a newby you can have your go
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