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  1. That's what we needed, second half should be a canter, you might just get your 6 Mak
  2. Well that was long in coming!!!
  3. Need the first goal Mak or it doesn't look like it
  4. East coast of England mafia, politics and such. Is this about the behind the scenes of Brexit? Please tell me guys, get me up to date FFS
  5. Can she even read and write? is she not a bit backward?
  6. Is that not an old gangster film? if not i don't know it. What's the theme, what's it about?
  7. In Mexico they chop them up alive, i've seen a few videos and it turns your blood cold, they start with the arms then the legs before cutting of the head, all done with a big knife, gruesome. Isis are also pretty good at these types of killings.
  8. That's a Mexican cartel style of killing, fucking savages!!!
  9. sployal


    Welcome abord mate, you and me seem to have a lot in common, don't be afraid to say your bit even if you get ripped a new one
  10. In Dublin's fair city!!!
  11. sployal

    Fuck off stormzy

    I can't understand these Black rappers, they all seem to be racist bastards, but i've seen a few of their clips and they all seem to enjoy dancing with White chicks
  12. sployal

    Fuck off stormzy

    I might be a little bit behind the scene in UK today, but who the fuck is Stormzy?
  13. They have the history and fan base of a PL team and are better than most of the shit that are there today, enough?
  14. Gave it away in the first 15 minutes after both teams made many mistakes, second half Boro dominated and Mourihno was obliged to bring on his big players (Son and Alli). Hope Boro make the play offs, they deserve the PL.
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