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  1. No i did not watch it (seen a few clips of it), didn't have to, the evidence is so damning against him, dirty lying slimebag. Seen the photos on your earlier post, the tweet on the yacht.
  2. Prince Andrew is a lying sex offender, saddest thing is, his ex defends him. But wait didn't Epstein pay off her debts?
  3. Yes couldn't believe my eyes, have they found the ball yet?
  4. sployal

    Sleep Apnea

    Poor woman ha ha
  5. Some sort of American series, don't know if it counts as a film, wifey also watches a lot of Barnaby, Monk and lots of other stuff including some sort of crap 'American Housewife'. For myself, i don't even know how the telly works or how to turn it on
  6. sployal

    Sleep Apnea

    Chinky tonight. Noodles, pork, beef the full works with lots of onions
  7. Wifey watched Columbo last night, i didn't.
  8. sployal

    Sleep Apnea

    A totaly functional Scotsman Harold, welcome to the club
  9. Boredom and vodka only leads to sleep Apnea BB
  10. sployal

    Sleep Apnea

    Most often happens with overweight men with a drinking problem, more symptoms can be trembling of the hands, slurred speech, erectile disfunction and loss of memory. Try and remind yourself to go and see your doctor (if you can remember his hers address), for the rest ask your wife the last time she can recall you geting a hardon
  11. Where is VAR when you need it (ha ha) ball was clearly over the line, seen better football down at the local park
  12. It's not just sickening, it's downright sad, perverted bastards.
  13. WTF, are Scotland still allowed to play international football?
  14. NI are doing great in this group, seriously believe they could get a result today, good luck
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