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  1. Hope Hearts can give it a go but can't see anything less than a Celtic win
  2. Phil walking down them steps then across the stage and walking up to bang them drums.
  3. Never heard of this shit, what's it all about?
  4. Just watched some shitty French league 2 game between Paris FC and Lens, wifey is up in bed, going to join her soon after i down my Scotch
  5. sployal

    Britain 2019

    "Anti British" scum ...Kick them out
  6. Scottish footbal is shite and blatantly corrupted
  7. What a fucking goal from Morelos
  8. I think i qouted that just after the Kilmarnock goal dug, since then i agree with you. Both have been shite (as the rest of the team have been) changes needed second half, i would bring on Defoe. And we certainly have as you say "a mental block" concerning Kilmarnock.
  9. Shit from Kamara, but Morelos and Candeias looking good. Goals in this
  10. Former Rangers centre-back Kirk Broadfoot returns in place of Alex Bruce after last week's 1-0 win over Aberdeen. Watch out for your legs mates Hard to get a treble 20
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