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  1. sployal

    St Paddy's Day

    Goes great with your dinner thread dug, strumming that cheese with your fingers
  2. sployal

    St Paddy's Day

    Grouchy O'Wacky WTF, Leprechaun's strange creatures indeed
  3. Going by the vote I seem to be the only 1 who believes Liverpool wil snatch it
  4. When you go onto some sites you have sometimes a side window offering porn, it's your choice to ignore.
  5. Works perfectly for me dug. If you really want to see it go onto Ogrish and tap New Zealand comes up right away.
  6. https://www.bestgore.com/murder/livestream-video-deadly-shooting-attack-mosque-christchurch-new-zealand/
  7. Agreed dug, the booes don't help the team. Morellos has just scored, mon the Gers
  8. Rangers get booed off the park at half time as they trail Kilmarnock 0 1
  9. Normal service, we are very bad trying to break down teams.
  10. You can see it on Ogrish, but you need a strong stomach to go on there
  11. Just seen the video, cool stuff
  12. Please have all predictions in by 2.45pm, Saturday 16/03/2019 Saturday 16/03/2019 Aberdeen v Livingston 1 Hamilton v Hearts x Hibs v Motherwell x Rangers v Kilmarnock 1 St Johnstone v St Mirren 1 Sunday 17/03/2019 Dundee v Celtic 2
  13. British Politics what a shambles, May has been leading us up the garden shed since she came to power. Only need 1 EU vote against and wer'e out on the 29th
  14. Would love to see Boro in the play offs, a true premier league club.
  15. Which player English premier league has : A world cup winner's medal? 2 premier league medals? 1 FA cup medal?
  16. Unable to get it on when it means the most, fucking unbelievable
  17. Major leagues (cough cough) are not allowed to televise games on champions league evenings (UEFA rules)
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