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  1. Exact opposite Mags, you know the sun shines out my arse you jealous boy🤣
  2. Deserved over the 3 games, i can't stand that wanker Bale his hair do gets me fucking raging and wanting to get the garden shears to it.
  3. sployal

    Pride Week

    Tell us what ye think Harold, worth the money or what? 4£50.
  4. sployal

    Pride Week

    Harold will try it he loves that M&S stuff🤣
  5. I loved the wrestling on a Saturday morning, Mick McManus was always the best
  6. Freak in the red dress has massive tits🤣
  7. I never (or very rarely) watch TV, it bores me to fuck, only thing that interests me is the news or sport for which i am very selective so i catch up on Internet.
  8. Wales will certainly qualify as 1 of the best 3rd placed teams, the Swiss should beat Turkey and will finish second in the group.
  9. sployal

    Pride Week

    My brother-in-law (wifey's brother) is homo and a very decent bloke, intelligent and down to earth he is totally against: Same sex marriage; LGBT propaganda and all the bullshit that goes with it; Adoption by same sex couples. He doesn't hide the fact that he is Gay but at the same time he never shows it off, he is 64yrs old so it may be he is still locked into the 'older generation' of homosexuals. He has the same friend now for over 30yrs. Funny old World, we get along great when he comes to visit and i would never think of slagging him off because he doesn't deserve it.
  10. Would love to be wrong but i honestly cannot see Wales get anything today, Italy are now one of the favourites to win Euro 2020.
  11. This is out of ORDER.......ORDER.....
  12. Sunday 20th June Group A: Italy v Wales (5pm) 1 Group A: Switzerland v Turkey (5pm) 1 Monday 21st June Group C North Macedonia v Netherlands (5pm) 2 Group C Ukraine v Austria (5pm) 1 Group B: Russia v Denmark (8pm) 1 Group B: Finland v Belgium (8pm) 2 Tuesday 22nd June Group D Czech Republic v England (8pm) 2 Group D Croatia v Scotland (8pm) 1 Wednesday 23rd June Group E: Slovakia v Spain (5pm) 2 Group E: Sweden v Poland (5pm) X Group F: Germany v Hungary (8pm) 1 Group F: Portugal v France (8pm) 1
  13. sployal

    Pride Week

    Asked me to pay money to read the article so fuck them
  14. Great result for Germany, blows this group wide open, winner may probably come from this group but i fancy Italy.
  15. Jammy Portugese get 1 back with an offside goal.
  16. Great result for Hungary, well deserved and their fans were magnificent, Germany may beat Portugal to leave a last day group decider between Portugal and France, bring it on.
  17. France should go on to win by 3 or 4 now.
  18. France have played 145mn in this Euro and have still to score a goal!!!
  19. First round today, McIlroy of to a decent start, DeChambeau making a cunt of himself as usual, decent day for the Brits at the moment.
  20. 2 - 1 Belgium both good goals started by big dick🤣
  21. Strings were broken on the violin, meaning the cheat was or wasn't paid enough
  22. Serves them right, too much respect and the enemy will stab you in the back. No mercy, Belgium have got their game plan all wrong in this one.
  23. I think the Belgium gesture is in time with the woke culture creeping into football, no sense for it in my opinion. Disasters such as Ibrox, Hillsbrough etc must be remembered and never forgotten but this is not the first time a player has been taken ill during a game, not the same thing IMO. Can't remember the Ibrox incident Harold, maybe Mak can give us some info.
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