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  1. That's one hell of a goal, the ones you love to see
  2. 3 points would make for a great evening, mon the Gers
  3. Week 6 of the SPL fun predictor fellow members Predictions in please for Saturday 21st of september 14:00 Saturday 21st September Livingston 15:00 Aberdeen Motherwell 15:00 Ross County St Mirren 15:00 Hamilton Academical Sunday 22nd September St Johnstone 12:15 Rangers Celtic 13:00 Kilmarnock Hibernian 15:00 Heart of Midlothian A reminder of the standings after week 5 Dug 019 Bastion 015 Hairy 015 Norm 014 Mak 014 SP 012 Boro Boy 007 N°8 005 And the SPL table after week 5 https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/scottish-premiership/table
  4. sployal

    The Gender Thread

    Unappropriate parents, should have him/her/it (poor child) removed from them as soon as possible.
  5. Disgusting thug, him and his "old man" deserve a good lesson ie a good doing over with broken bones and a stint in hospital.
  6. This is too much to handle i'm off to bed.
  7. What a summer of cricket, World cup as a warmer then this Ashes series, can't get any better to make kids get into the game. Come on you schools, buy cricket bats and all the gear and get the kids playing
  8. Well Cor Blimey, 2 Root catches end the Ashes, what could have been for England. Take it this is the end of this thread?
  9. Archer is still a rookie, Wade played him all the way
  10. Said a few posts ago we needed Smith out so things would be over quickly, Wade has changed all that. Get him out NOW
  11. Things are heating up, this is not over yet and may end pretty nasty
  12. Archer maiden, Wade looks afraid...
  13. Yes saw that, let's hope Archer gets him out, could be first fisticuffs of the series
  14. I'm sure he didn't wear that at the start of the series, big head (star) syndrom. On another more serious point, let's get Wade out before things begin to get dramatic
  15. Will the Aussies slog on? Can't see them doing much more.
  16. Was the days you found your liking to plonk dug
  17. Lunch, what exactly do they do during lunch? Can't see them stuffing themselves with a ration of Sunday roast with trimmings
  18. Agreed, get Smith our and they will probably colapse. Do any of you agree that Sam Curran has a strange resemblance to Celtic player James Forest?
  19. Great bowling from Leach, Labuschagne walks, Australia 56 for 3.
  20. Archer get the finger out lad.
  21. The seventh time Broad has removed Warner in 10 innings. Utterly stunning domination.

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