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  1. Trolling or banter? The member couldn't hack it, cried and begged for help which you and Harold gladly gave. Harold replied to the member with this comment "I'm leaving this post open. You've set a benchmark Caz.....so don't come whining if/when SP or anyone else comes back with a similar retort". I gave it back and it complained '@Harold @boro_boy Is it have a go at Caroline day today? I can deflect a lot of shit but all the above is crap and so not necessary.... I can take a joke but surely we have to behave like adults at some point?' Members must accept the fact that if they dish it out then they will get it back. Said member called SA 17/09/2021 11h45 Mysogynistic cunt Harolds reply 'I've deleted a post you made Caz....no more please'. It's reply 'And equally, every derogatory comment he makes of me gets 'equally' deleted.... ?' Get a life BB, it's all tit for tat, no trolling just facts
  2. I don't agree with what you say here BB, you seem happy to let Harold 'run' your forum, make his laws and dish out his 'justice'. He banned me and Mags for 'trolling', i would like to have some proof of this.
  3. No results this week, no update, Harold fucked up the predictor with a meltdown last Wednesday. End of thread, over 2 years of work done in and fucked up by an over zealous moderator. Fuck it all
  4. The decent posts go into my box, the shit goes directly to spam
  5. Since Harolds meltdown last Wednesday and subsequent uncalled for bans for me and Mags i am asking for an enquiry into Harolds credentials as moderator on our forum. It is blatantly obvious that Harold is overstepping the mark and has became the one and only 'ruler' of what is permitted or not on the forum, this is unacceptable to me and fellow members. After emails and PM's certain members (and not the least) agree with me so i am taking this occasion to demand BB to reduce Harold from moderator to simple member. I ask that this thread be left open so that every member can have their fair say, give their honest opinion and a rightful decision be made. I sincerely think this would be the best thing to keep the forum alive, i have serious doubts about BB's wish to keep the forum running, now is his moment to step up and tell us all his true thoughts about moving forwards or shutting down. But to move forwards the forum is in sad need of a change in moderator status, Harold has had his time and now a change is needed and called for.
  6. Cunt with the drill is still going at it, fucking wanker
  7. A small flat cake that is dry and usually sweet - - - - - - -
  8. How was your cuppa Mags? Did you have any chocolate biscuits?
  9. Sorry but it is my turn, lets play by the rules.
  10. Okay, i got the last one so it's my turn, will get one on in a minute or two
  11. A decent afternoon has suddenly went haywire, Harold seems to have lost the plot completely.
  12. What the fuck you on about Harold? Me and Mags have been having a decent afternoon exchanging comments back and forth and suddenly something ticks you, did your Tom come out the wrong way? I have never known you to get riled for so little.
  13. Good idea Mags make yourself a nice cuppa,
  14. I had an uncle Tom, mothers brother and was a top notch bloke, used to spoil us at Xmas👍
  15. Did he have a fishing rod Mags or carrying any suspicious looking bin bags?
  16. Worked that out well Harold, new pencil case and slide rule on the way.
  17. A proposed or accepted idea T - e - - e -
  18. A proposed or accepted idea - - e - - e -
  19. Have been suggesting to wifey for a while that she should do the same, everything is mixed up, fruit, veg, ravioli etc. Glad to hear the grandson is back in school👍
  20. A proposed or accepted idea - - - - - - -
  21. If you played the guitar Harold you could sing to that "a whole lotta strolling going on"🤣
  22. The one and only Yogi Bear?
  23. Fucks sake rain on so no stroll, and cunt is back with his drill. Bad flooding not far from our place yesterday, camp sites flooded, cars washed away etc. Some folks put it down to climate change, global warming and any type of shite they like to spit, i put it down to nature.
  24. Driver was probably arrested for assault, country going to the dogs Harold
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