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  1. Money, money, money it's a rich mans world.
  2. Good game but badly officiated, we should shag them at Ibrox
  3. Officials were a total disgrace today, let's tear them apart at Ibrox
  4. End to end now, should have been a second for the Gers
  5. Refs a cunt, but the Gers seem to be getting the upper hand
  6. Aberdeen have sussed Morelos for a while now, we must not risk a red, get him off and Defoe on. Play the ball longer and get it into the box.
  7. Hoping Morelos can stay the 90 minutes and bang in a couple of goals.
  8. I actually hate mobile phones. They are necessary but i have had so many calls announcing sad news that when sometimes i see the caller on the screen i start to panic before answering.
  9. "freezer bags" what the heck is an IKEA freezer bag?
  10. I never answer a call on my mobile that i have not in my contacts. If someone wants to contact me then they can send a text...
  11. That's me fucked, IKEA is a piece of shit. 2 hours for the bed with a 35 page so called easy plan. A pause for a midday eat and drink then onto the desk, another 2 hours turning the plans and pieces, screws and other shit. I kept my cool and got it done, fucked up my back. Still got the shelves to do tomorrow.. Asked the daughter, why did you buy this shit? Answer, it's cheap dad...
  12. Got a number, don't even no what it is..
  13. sployal

    My Missus

    Nose rings are for bulls ie large cattle
  14. Which team won the last English first division title before the start of the EPL?
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