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  1. I was hesitating a while back for Sidney Devine, i thought his first name was spelled Sydney!!!
  2. Great stuff Hairy, trip down the Nile for you Pharaoh
  3. A ruler of ancient times - - - - - - -
  4. Agreed Mags, something very shady is going on, in 24hours the forum has turned upside down. Harold and BB, get your shit together mates or you will be minus a few members.
  5. I read that UEFA have 2000 tickets, pathetic
  6. I have made the decision (which has chagrined me somewhat) to put a couple of members on 'ignore', they will know who they are.
  7. Been onto a couple of Gers sites and lots of Bears are complaining over this shambles. Apparently some ST holders cannot get their seats for the EL games.
  8. I am of your opinion here Harold, i can't and don't believe a word of this ludicrous accusation.
  9. You caught me just before i was going to bed, could you please rephrase this rant and repost, i may take a gander tomorrow morning. Sweet dreams darling.
  10. No i don't know what's going on??? Explain what is the problem BB, is it because i destroyed a certain nefarious member this afternoon? Is it because i put a nuisance back to bed? Is it because it was once and for all put rightly where it belongs? It couldn't stand being told a few truths and went crying, well fuck it, i hope we don't hear from it for a couple of days.
  11. What you on about BB? If certain members can't stand being put in their place then they can just fuck off, whinging pissheads. I take it you got PM'd by a certain distressed member complaining, well said member has had it coming for a while and deserves everything coming their way.
  12. I take it all the dog owners take their pets to shit on this bit of grass, so it is the doggy corner, you must pay to keep it clean🤣
  13. Get a hold of the ringleader, isolate him, kick the shit out of him and then throw him back to his friends. Go on to the next troublemaker and so forth.
  14. Silly girl, comments like this do not do you any good
  15. Her father was obviously a 'dog wank' 🤣
  16. Already on the drink? (probably since early afternoon), give yourself a break darling and come up with something sensible.
  17. Slices of grilled porc with onion, mashed potatoes and gravy (i made the mashed potatoes, one of my favourites). I peel, cut and boil them spuds, when they are ready i pour in a little milk and butter then i mash them with a fork, lovely they are.
  18. Been boring since Andy Murray won it a couple of times
  19. No idea, no one gave a fuck about the Euro, the Olympics, the Justice Warrior is points behind Verstappen. Her springing onto the scene is a ray of sunshine as we have not witnessed for years (Murray winning Wimbledon). Honestly i can't see any opposition or competition to her being awarded this accolade.
  20. You don't read the interesting threads darling, look over your nose before tripping up🤣
  21. What point you made darling? Off topic as per, start a thread if there is something you are unhappy about and want other members opinions and debate. I quote you : "There is a massive tendency for many younger people to feel they're 'too' entitled to things when they should earn their way first. It is a very have it now pay later society and that's very wrong". What the fuck has that to do with the title of the thread? Start a thread, give us your arguments, opinions, eventual answers instead of just spouting off stupid meaningless shit. I will give you a clue : 1/ think of a topic members might be interested in; 2/ choose a thread title; 3/ state your case with a minimum of information but a couple of known facts; 4/ end by asking a question or two; 5/ have back up (answers) so that you can defend your point when the shit hits the fan. 6/ if you have a decent link or 2 it helps your case and could get folks on your side. Good luck sweetheart
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