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  1. When i was a young lad a newspaper (can't remember which one) had colored posters of footballers with its Friday evening or Saturday edition, the Rangers posters would go up on the bedroom wall with John Greigs in pride of place, the tims posters would go onto the dartboard🎯
  2. Exactly, feeding kids is not sport. It's charity. And he already got an OBE or some shit like that.
  3. She done Britain proud.
  4. I seriously think Caz should stick to breast feeding than spending her Saturday mornings in pubs. Child neglect? Nothing better than mother's milk but please not that bitter beer taste.
  5. Caz think of your girl, she needs you more than the time you waste on here
  6. Cat Stevens is a doped up muslim weirdo I would be the first to set fire to that beard🤣
  7. Your soul mate will be on soon don't worry your pretty little head darling
  8. This is what happens when you get 'out of your depth' Take care darling before you sink🙃
  9. Thinking of your daughter or hubby darling? Drunken women easy rides🤣
  10. Nothing worse than a young mother who drinks, these situations mostly lead to a sad ending☹️
  11. Great result takes us top of the league, did you notice Harold how much i stayed calm and composed during the first half shambles? Inwards i was raging but i was confident we would get the result, we welcome the chase👍
  12. Been bad down the left side and Tav has been shite, not one single scoring chance, i would keep Morelos on.
  13. Something went wrong, happens🙃
  14. Team should be good for 3 or 4 goals👍
  15. Changing my predictions for this week-end Saturday 11th September St Johnstone 12:30 Rangers ............. 2 Celtic 15:00 Ross County ..... 1 Dundee 15:00 Livingston ......... 1 Motherwell 15:00 Aberdeen .......... 1 St Mirren 15:00 Dundee United .. 1 Sunday 12th September Heart of Midlothian 12:00 Hibernian .... X
  16. http://33.media.tumblr.com/f0dfb057ef617a97fafd1f0b6b3d1534/tumblr_mx7p1h57tO1sutxkmo1_400.gif
  17. @Mr Magnificent you are now on my short list for a certain award😉
  18. Nothing worse than a lazy woman, Caz comes to mind🤣
  19. That chess app just went bonkers Hairy, un needed massacre from both sides.
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