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  1. Watched that last week and he goes on to say the Chinese had been blaming it on American troops and he is only correcting their fake news
  2. I don’t know Falkirk that well but I remember being taken to a reasonable sized park with old stately house (I think) ... I was imagining it being mobbed with people out walking .. That and the Kelpies
  3. Just had some great news The council have agreed to pay out 75% of our school contract money. That is going to be huge boost to all full time drivers!
  4. I’ve fucking drunk out of the Bonnie Wee Well You always know it’s summer when the Braes is on fire Just heading out shortly for a wee walk up by the linns and along to the famous Car Park in the Sky and back again
  5. The beauty of staying in Glenburn. Birthplace of Andrew Neil , Archie Gemmill and our very own SPL (I’m sure he said he was a Gleb). Never seen the Braes so busy. You used to do your drinking / wild camping and shagging up there. Now you can’t move for dog walkers , joggers and families out ‘exercising’ Mrs 8 has a wee hangover so daily walk is postponed until after she’s watched Green Book ffs
  6. After all this we ll be the healthiest we’ve ever been the amount of exercise we are all getting The dog used to love his walks but now it’s ‘awwww fuck. Not again’ I suppose we are so lucky to have the Glennifer Braes literally at our back door. These hills were the inspiration for Robert Tannahill and his most famous work. ‘Wild mountain Thyme’ I must be bored. This is probably my longest post on here. You must be bored if you’re still reading ... stay safe
  7. There will be no relegation this season. League reconstruction to appease those who might stand in the way of Celtics 9 in a row. I won’t be renewing anything until I know what is happening and how Rangers react to them being awarded title
  8. Not been posting as my mother passed away. She had been suffering from dementia for almost ten years. Anyway with all that going on I haven’t been able to join the hordes panic buying so I ll be living on cheesy pasta for the next few days. No idea what I am going to do work wise ... there is no work and it looks likely their is no ‘safety net’ for self employed taxi drivers whose partners work Going to be a long few weeks until we get back to anything like normality. On the bright side funerals are immediate family only to I don’t have to suffer listening to the East Coast clan who I only see at funerals! In fact I probably won’t see them again... every cloud and all that Stay safe wherever you are
  9. I’m doing far better betting on the Aruba super league than I do on the UK leagues. I had £3-50 left on Bet365 account and so far I’ve banked £30 and got two further bets running and still the original £3-50 OK it’s not going to bankrupt the bookies but keeps me amused. Its that or fucking table tennis
  10. 20 years taxiing and I’ve never known anything like this. Nobody has told us whether we can continue to work ... when we ll be put off road No schools is going to finish many drivers off. Are we allowed to take people to work , doctors, chemists during a ‘lockdown’ ?
  11. De Gea before Buffon is just fucking ridiculous. I’m not sure he is the best at Man Utd FFS
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