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  1. Willie Collum referee and you say debatable penalty. Never saw that coming Celtic struggling in League Cup semi final and on comes that diving wee bastard Christie and Collum gives them the penalty. First Old Firm game Collum gave them the goal that never should have been. Rangers v St Mirren he sends off Candieas then lies about it. Killie v Rangers denies Rangers two penalties then gives Killie the softest of soft penalties in the last minute to win the game Its almost like he makes a habit of being a biased bigoted cheating fuckwit bastard
  2. Bin Bags The Manky bastards are wearing Bin Bags And with that i am away out to work. I don't usually do this but i am going to rip off as many of those bastards as i can and if they don't like it they can get out and walk in the rain....CUNTS!!!!!!
  3. Kenny Campbell is a sad soul. If nothing else i hope he gets the closure he so desperately needs and is able to get his life back. Heartbreaking every time you see him on the news. He deserves so much credit for the bravery he has shown to speak out against the club he loves.
  4. Or it could be a very well known player is about to make public that he was abused and they knew all along. Could be that NDAs being null and void mean more of the victims will be willing to speak out. Of course yours is as valid a reason as any but the question should be asked...Why Now? I am confident that this is the beginning of the end for the victims and it is only a matter of time before they get their apology. It is only a matter of time before those responsible are held to account. Now it is finally being discussed it is up to the authorities to find out the truth behind it all. I know this may not be a popular view but i believe Rangers Football Club should be asking why this has allowed to fester for so long with NO enquiry by the footballing authorities!! Believe me those bastards in the East End did everything they could to kill off our great club so now i have no problem outing them and their sordid history. Remember this is the club that put pressure on the SFA/ SPL in 2008 to rob of us of any chance of winning UEFA Cup and League. Remember the planned Japan trip they simply couldn't cancel? Celtic have kept this quiet and have benefited from huge sponsorship deals with various world famous brands throughout the years. The monies gained from sponsorship and advertising has allowed them to pay players fees and wages. How many of these brands would have sponsored a football club that had actively protected a Paedophile ring? Had knowingly allowed them to keep on abusing children as they were producing talent for their club. It is not going away now and it will be interesting to see how long the SNP can let it go before they simply have to order an enquiry. Let us hope that the enquiry is completely independent Celtic minded They shouldn't and they wont be
  5. When it comes to clubs being punished for the indiscretions of those running the club it is usual for football supporters to feel a degree of sympathy for the supporters of that club. If Celtic are hammered by the authorities (aye right!!) i will have little sympathy for the Celtic support who have been complicit in the cover up. Just a couple of examples.. The online Sun newspaper ran with a story from the late Sean Fallon. In the story Fallon is directly quoted as saying...'It is nonsense to say he (Stein) did nothing. As soon as he heard the rumours he kicked him (Torbett) out the club'...The Celtic supporters association threatened the Sun with a boycott if they didn't edit the DIRECT QUOTE!! The Sun , for reasons known only to them, changed the story and i have never bought the paper since. TBF i don't buy any newspapers now or click on any links. The Daily Record and Sunday Mail are running these stories and the Gordon Wadell piece at the weekend was fairly accurate and hard hitting leaving Celtic little wiggle room. What do the Celtic support do when they read this? Ask searching questions? Demand the club tell the truth? Ask for a public enquiry? Nope they threaten to boycott the Daily Record!! As i said i don't read these rags but i have seen some of the recent pieces on other forums. My question to the editors of these Rags is why now? Why wait all these years? Why have they not been at the front leading the campaign for the victims of this dreadful scandal? I suspect Celtic have been threatening legal action but i want the Rags to answer this very pertinent point as it will put this Celtic board in the dock alongside all their predecessors with the exception of Fergus McCann
  6. Celtic Football Club made Celtic Boys Club change their name recently to ........ St Patricks Boys Club. How very Celtic
  7. The SNP are absolutely full of left footers and they have a very strong allegiance to the Irish Republican movement both in Scotland and Ireland. Only last week we had one of them praising the Easter Rising. James Dornan has been pictured at an Irish Republican event. They held one of their press conferences in the Old Govan Arms which is an Irish Republican bar that is used for fund raising for Dissident Republicans. In fact there is Youtube footage from that pub of Rangers fans being attacked after and Old Firm game and supporters being grabbed out of a minibus. The SNP are scum! Maybe things were different back in the day Hairy but they hate us with a passion. The first minister tweeted congratulations to Hibs on winning the Scottish Cup literally seconds after the final whistle. She never tweeted any condemnation of the Hibs support attacking Rangers players / supporters for 3 or 4 days and only after Rangers Football Club had shamed her into it. Ibrox Stadium is within her constituency FFS!! It is the SNP that stopped Rangers Fanzone even though Glasgow Life had backed the idea.
  8. Morelos is top goal scorer again this season. Agree though it is time to cash in. He is victimised like no other player i have ever known. We have seen over the last few weeks that we can win without him. It can be argued we are a better team without him. ETA...He also does himself few favours and needs to learn to walk away but that is easier said than done. Never sent off in Columbia or Finland but sent of FIVE times in one season in Scotland.
  9. Just seen it again and Killie player is holding Barisic as well and then throws himself to the ground. He was booked earlier so it is actually a second booking for simulation. Goldsons was an easy one to see and give as it is so blatant. Worral is a bombscare but is young enough to have a great career. Borna Barisic is just not interested IMO. He is a full Croatian international and by all accounts plays well for them. One to be sold and replaced with someone with desire. Once again Candieas is the player subbed off the park. I don't think he has a future under Stevie G. Personally he would never be out my first team squad and his work rate is second to none
  10. Goldson clearly pulled back. No Penalty. The slightest of tug on a Killie player who is also holding Barisic and Willie Collum gives a penalty Stevie G has to call this bastard out AGAIN!!!!!!! Old Firm game he cheated us. His sending off of Candieas is one of the worst decisions i have seen. Today is not quite on that scale but it is just another example of his obvious bias.
  11. Great finish from Morelos. He is then booked for celebrating a goal. FFS after the way Brophy celebrated scoring against us earlier in the season before having a dreadful over the ball challenge. It is absolutely fucking ridiculous!!!
  12. Dreadful pitch. It has been a poor game so far.
  13. Nice to see Dorrans on the Bench. Murphy was talking about possibly getting a run out before season ends so i take it he has had a wee set back. Hopefully they will both be fresh and raring to go for the start of the next campaign. I wouldn't be starting Worral!! Mebude is a talented youngster and hopefully gets on midway through the second half
  14. I agree with all of the above but as i said he at least got him out the club. Of course it was too little too late and for that he is guilty but there are others, Tommy Burns especially , who go under the radar as some among the Rangers support are too caught up in BJK. Stein is also photographed with Jimmy Saville and a Roman Catholic priest handing out some awards. The Priest in question was also done with abusing children and everyone knows about Saville. The Preist name is Father O'Connell. If you google Stein and Saville photo it is the first to come up. Sorry cant copy and paste. Celtic employees had close connections to Barry Bennell and all of this above has raised the question. Where these people acting alone oblivious of the others crimes or was it far more sinister than that? Billy McNeill admitted at Torbetts first court case that 'It was an open secret' at the club. As damning as it gets!! They knew, They all knew and allowed it to go unchecked as they were producing the players. Jock Stein is quoted as saying 'The good name of Celtic Football Club must be protected AT ALL COST'!!! This is what i will always remember and there is no way around this. Celtic as a club did not care about the children abused but wanted it kept quiet to protect the image of the club. Why are our politicians not wanting this looked into? Why did they actually rule out any public enquiry into this? Are votes more important than justice for the kids that were abused? One of the abused Kids has since taken his own life. His mother and sister have led a campaign for justice for their Brother/ son but have been blanked completely by our first minister and Celtic supporting justice minister. Why are the media running with this now? It has been an open secret since the 80s FFS!! There is talk that there are Non Disclosure agreements now in the hands of a certain newspaper and i am no legal expert but i have been told the NDAs are null and void if criminality can be proven. There has always been rumours a senior first team player of that time who went on to be an International was abused but he has so far refused to talk about. The rumour is this former player is now willing to speak out after the club refusing to apologise and claiming Celtic had nothing to do with this. Celtic have managed to avoid any public embarrassment as anyone who wanted it discussed was shouted down for 'point scoring over child abuse' ...I have in the past been told not to discuss this as its seen as point scoring. I can honestly say that has never been my intention. I would be even more outraged had this been Rangers. It is not the child abuse that appals me. Recent public enquiries have shown that this could happen anywhere and very few clubs have remained untouched. The difference between what we are seeing at Celtic is it appears to be an actual paedophile ring being allowed to operate at this club and the club protecting the offenders. If this can be proved i want all those responsible to be punished to the full extent of the law. I want the victims to receive the public apology they are crying out for and i want the victims to be compensated I also want to see the politicians who have tried to cover this up questioned. I want to see the media questioned on why this was allowed to go unreported for decades...literally decades!! Were Celtic threatening legal action? There is a clip from the Celtic View in the 1990s where the club statement says they will take people to court if they made any more scurrilous accusations against Torbett and Cairney. It looks to me as if the threat of legal action has silenced many. Hopefully they now will find the courage to speak out
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