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  1. You should pop into The Monkstown Social Club next time your in the area. I’m sure you’ll get a lovely welcome Bastion... Why are you wasting your time? Jez... You say you know no pubs in East Belfast... you’ve never heard of The Welders? I find that hard to believe
  2. Crusaders are a decent team H.. I believe they won the league a couple of years ago. They don’t have Green in their strip and don’t sing ‘It’s a Grand Ol Team’ which is a huge plus
  3. I can’t believe the personal abuse directed at me in this post!! I’m away to start a tear stained thread looking for sympathy and send a few PMs
  4. If your over hopefully we can grab a pint and watch a game. Surely Michael will give you his ticket for the Old Firm Game lol
  5. I’m buying from them online now as Maks ‘other’ daughter works there and grasses me up. Honestly she just appears and smiles innocently and says ‘are you sure your allowed in here. I ll be telling my Dad’
  6. The ‘Big’ Glasgow parade is by a considerable distance my least favourite parade. We were fortunate that our ‘Big’ parade was usually the same day so we missed it but on the few occasions I did do it I felt like just stopping. The vast majority of those in the parade were absolutely fine but the parade attracts hangers on that are the dregs of society!! Dafties with a Rangers top on drinking Buckie and shouting Gies The Sash. They probably couldn’t find Ibrox with an A-Z and a fucking tour guide
  7. Mak I was out golfing with AC earlier, well I was golfing fuck knows what he was doing, anyway he was telling me that another grandchild is on its way. I’m sure he had told me before but I must have forgotten, congratulations in advance . Lisa is a lovely girl even if she does stick me in for shopping in Sports Direct to her old man
  8. City don’t have debts. The evidence they claimed incriminated City was from Emails that were hacked into or stolen... not 100% on the exact details I can’t see what is wrong with someone investing their own funds into a club
  9. No.8

    Britain Today

    They have arrested a 12 year old for posting abusive messages to an adult? I fucking give up!! The abuse I have received in my work due to my religion/ football team but not once, not even for one second did I think to report it. Thought about smacking a few dafties but I’m almost speechless a twelve year has been arrested I am sick fed up of people just desperate to be offended I am sick fed up being told what to think!! Long before all this BLM bollocks we had Rangers Football Club holding a minutes silence for fucking Mandela!! Worse than that I was one of only a f
  10. Did you miss the £10 million fine ? That is just for failing to comply with initial enquiry!! An enquiry City was based on stolen evidence! Everybody knew City would win as the UEFA case was based on evidence that was stolen. City are not one of the Big Teams FFS!! They are one of the smaller clubs trying to break the grip certain clubs have on UEFA! Why shouldn’t City owners spend their money any way they want? Why should other clubs , the so called ‘Big Clubs’, be allowed to run up astronomical debts ?
  11. WE’RE MAN CITY. WE’LL DO WHAT WE WANT BLUE MOON FUCK UEFA!! FUCK ALL THE SO CALLED ‘BIG TEAMS’!! Long overdue that other clubs were allowed to compete in these fixed competitions. Everyone is sick to death of certain clubs holding all the power Now go on City. Win it this year to sicken the fat cat bastards
  12. You just worry about Wolves and Sheff Utd and leave the rest to the real big boys
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