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  1. Just watched the highlights. Unbelievable game. England won super over due to hitting more boundaries in the final
  2. Rain may actually help. What any Links course looks for is the wind. I’m doing my usual two. The Justin’s .... Rose and Thomas. I did another each way but forget who lol ... too many Magners, Lagers and Gins lol
  3. Back today from Scottish Open. Great weather , North Berwick is a fantastic wee town, great set up with Queues for Bar and good stalls not too bad. Blootered on the Friday night and dozed off lying beside 17th green. Started snoring just as Molinari was about to putt. Got a few giggles but in fairness it had been a long night Sunday was a great day. 3rd hole is stunning. One real complaint is the tournament ran late and we had to leave before the play off. Just as well we did as we got the last bus back into town. I’ve no idea how those that waited to see it through got back but all in all a great weekend Hopefully Portrush gets similar weather and proves to the many doubters that it thoroughly deserves its place back on roster ETA I was blootered on the Friday night and was hungover on the Saturday and it was then I dozed off. Just making that clear
  4. No.8

    The Twelfth

    I knew he was one of us
  5. No.8

    The Twelfth

    I miss the 11th night !!!!!!! Party until you’re unconscious then get up after an hours sleep to march 20-25 miles ... East Belfast is too far away from Carlisle Circus lol
  6. Don’t usually do friendlies but was given comps for Bar 72 so went along. Always difficult to judge players in these games. Firstly Oxford were pretty poor and after the first ten minutes it was clear it was going to be a matter of how many Great to see the new signings. My pick would be Ojo. I think he will quickly have us forgetting about Kent. He could be a standout this season Katic and Goldson are still my first pick but Edmundson looks like a very decent prospect Greg Stewart is not an out and out striker but could be the ‘hole player’ we have been looking for. Hastie and Jones did Ok Aribo looked comfortable on the ball and strong in the tackle. Played at his own pace and hope this was only down to the fact it was a friendly. Another that could be a star I like Polster. I’ve seen him 2 or 3 times now and he looks as if he is a player. Greg Docherty gives 100% every time he steps on that pitch. I want him to succeed but I think he might not make it. Hope I’m wrong McPake came on and showed why everyone is raving about him with a great piece of skill. One to watch out for
  7. No.8

    The Twelfth

    Bollocks. It should all be about triumphalism and celebrating our freedom from Papish tyranny
  8. No.8

    The Twelfth

    I’ve never seen the 12th parade as every time I was there I was in it. When you stop on Lisburn Road and look back down it is some sight Miss the band days but she won’t let me go back lol . Miss the 11th night ... Bonfires , street parties, drinking way too much. What’s not to like. This year I ll be at the Scottish Open but I am sure me and my mate will have a few beers / ciders to celebrate our religious freedom. He’s an East Belfast lad even though he supports fucking St Mirren. The Protestant Faith We Will Maintain
  9. No bother mate. Just having a wee joke Was at Berwick Rangers ground twice watching Rangers. Great fans , Great wee town but shit stadium
  10. Clues in the name mate The SCOTTISH Open sorry had had to do it
  11. Going to the Scottish Open on the Saturday and Sunday. Usually a decent field with players getting used to Links golf before The Open
  12. It was dire. Fortunately I fell asleep just after posting that. On the bright side Arfield looked sharp and was probably Canada’s top performer
  13. I don't think i have the words to describe just how poor the Canadians are defensively. from coasting along at 2-0 they are now 3-2 down with ten to play. Maybe get Arfield home early
  14. Good to see the new players getting game time over in the Algarve. I am watching Arfield playing for Canada against Haiti and at the moment it is only 2-1 to the Canadians but Arfield is playing well enough
  15. Hoping Aribo will be a huge success. I’ve seen nothing thing of him but considering the clubs after him it’s great he has chosen Rangers Funny how little the Scottish media have said about him knocking back the Paedos to join Rangers

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