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  1. Not a great game. A great season Form is temporary Class is permanent
  2. Rio Ferdinand ‘Phil Foden is the best young player in the World’ I told all the doubters this weeks ago 😂 On and where’s Harold hiding? Big Stones outstanding yet again BLUE MOON 🌚
  3. Ye were told. Yer heids melted 😂
  4. I went down to City v Barca game a few years ago. City won 3-1 but it was a great game and Suarez , Messi and the whole Barca team were a joy to watch except for one cheating , moaning arrogant little shit. Neymar! He really is a loathsome little shite.
  5. Yer heids melted Just in from the golf. Let’s hope City play better than I was hitting it !!! 🥵
  6. I did. I was getting pellets as I meant to do -1 lol One of the boys took Roofe anytime and Simpson and Ajer to be booked. The abuse he was giving Ajer 😂😂
  7. What a day , evening, night and still going in the early hours 😂😂 To make it all the sweeter I had Rangers -2 and a treble Rangers , Arsenal and Man Utd. Collected the Rangers / Arsenal money and stuck it on West Ham. And the Mrs is still speaking to me after that blow oot 😂 All to be repeated on the 15th for trophy day Thank You to all at Rangers for giving us our club back
  8. I’ve taken Simpson anytime and 3-0 😂 Ever the optimist
  9. Last OF of the season Very rarely does one team go 5:6 games undefeated. I have a horrible feeling this could be their day in the sun. The season has just petered out since clinching 55. That said this will still go down in our history as one of the greatest .. from where we were to where we are is nothing short of remarkable. Still looking forward to the game with a few friends heading over. A few tunes on and everybody is WELCOME TO THE PARTY!! Rangers 3-0 Enablers
  10. I don’t get it. With all the money they spend on the rights for these games why have him in the studio?
  11. How many points are Salford’s finest behind Manchester?
  12. Until very recently Celtic had TWO of the Top 15 richest men in football bankrolling their club. Desmond is the Richest man In Ireland (believe he lives in Gibraltar) and his pal whose name escapes me.. possibly O’Neil is the other. Both easily Billionaires and why I believe , initially, Celtic would cope better if Old Firm moved to a more competitive league set up.
  13. Is the City defence going to be able to cope with Mbappe ? DiMaria? Neymar? This season the City defence have great stats but still not convinced and Ederson never fills me with confidence
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