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  1. Stones has not been mentioned Laporte is the player City have missed this season
  2. I’m not forcing anything on anyone ya maniac It is you who is insisting he’s not World Class despite him starting for one of the Worlds best teams and starring for one of the best international teams
  3. Hmmmmmmm where is the player you were telling your wife about Bwahahahaha
  4. I’m not surprised you needed it explained So any further forward in naming these teams he wouldn’t get in to
  5. I was laughing earlier about cup upsets. Somebody picked out Arbroath to beat Falkirk as an upset until it was pointed out Arbroath are the league ABOVE Falkirk
  6. He has always been a hatchet man It was a poor challenge and could easily have been a Red. In fairness to Beaton I didn’t realise it was such a poor challenge until I saw the replay
  7. Your sons Father in Law chose to go tonight. Last message I got was ‘Should have stayed in the Hoose’ lol I just said the Morgan’s was going down well lol
  8. If a player is making a GENUINE attempt to get the ball then it’s yellow... If it’s just a trip then it’s Red. Ive seen Kai Kennedy a few times . Disappointed he didn’t get a decent run out
  9. Ok I know it’s only Stranraer blah blah blah. Defoe brought down when through on goal and penalty given. Why no Red card? Not even a booking
  10. Very disappointed in Jordan Jones. He has contributed very little so far He looked good in Dubai friendly as well Young Patterson has looked confident which bodes well for the future Id put on Kai Kennedy for Jones
  11. Ffs just answer the question Name the team he wouldn’t get in to? Which international team would he not get in to The fact you can’t name one proves beyond any doubt whatsoever that he is truly World Class
  12. Really? You showed a ‘mate’ at work a post from here? Are you off your fucking head? As for him not getting a game with the scousers. Who did City sign him from ?
  13. Remind me.... Which teams would he not get in to
  14. I haven’t got an answer!! Which team in the World wouldn’t have Sterling? Which international team would he not get in to? And never , NEVER EVER, compare me to those bleeding heart leftist liberals again!
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