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  1. Solihull Moors would be a welcome addition so i hope they win it.
  2. It will be a Champagne Supanova for the boys in blue.
  3. I have a collection of gollywogs. Never once has any of them said anything about hurted feelings to me.
  4. I think a player might actually walk off the pitch in protest during this round of matches...
  5. No you are not alone. I think you are bang on the money for what it is worth!
  6. Vinnie

    Bloody Sunday!

    Soldiers get prosecuted for doing their jobs properly. Why don't MPs?
  7. The world has gone bonkers! Cyclists should instead be called “people who ride bikes” because the former term is de humanising, experts have claimed. An academic study in Australia found that there is a link between the de humanisation of cyclists and acts of aggression they face from other road users. Researchers said that cyclists have been conceptualised as a minority group and being “not completely human”, which they claim makes them likelier targets. Following on from this why does calling the cyclists make them likelier targets?
  8. I must have been hacked!
  9. Vinnie

    Boat Race.

    I reckon his shit stinks!
  10. No mate. I am from Latvia.
  11. Absolutely not. I am a lover of Troy Deenie though. Chelmsley Wood geezer innit.
  12. Vinnie

    The week ahead

    Are you roping it?
  13. 3-2 now he must feel he is on a rocket now. I am not a Wolves lover. Had any a smash in the face with them over the years. They are Tramps!
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