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  1. Didn't see this but sounds like it was a cracking game with Spurs progressing.
  2. He has requested a personal hearing with Rugby Australia. Should be interesting.
  3. Players wages haven't been paid again this week. Sounds like they really are in the mire.
  4. That is a bit of a mouthful. Did you shit it out of your bum hole?
  5. Definitely Villa one on one and a knife. Cunt should do ten years plus for that.
  6. This was a Villa fan on a Villa fan. Had words on an official AVFC coach on way back from Forest game. Slashed across face by his fellow supporter as he stepped off coach.
  7. Roger

    Climate Change

    In a diesel van. Bring back Swampy! We've seen it all before. Worthless, work shy mutha jumpers.
  8. Roger

    Climate Change

    Yeah and chemicals will be needed to clean their mess up. All harmful to the environment according to them!
  9. Roger

    Climate Change

    Water might work as most of the scruffy cunts need a good wash. If that doesn't work get the rubber bullets out.
  10. It has taken the UK government over two years to not sort Brexit with no help from the French who out blocks in the road at every opportunity. In spite of this it takes two hours for Mrs May to offer sympathy and whatever support is needed to rebuild Quazi's house. Ffs. Says it all really.
  11. I prefer Vim or Harpic myself!
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