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  1. I laughed so hard at this. Way to go Harold! You are the man!
  2. The Guv'nor


    I lived overseas for five years. This country is as good and pretty as any. However, we are a soft touch, snow flake society. That is what lets us down.
  3. What is Sad shit Khan actually doing about this?
  4. Oh my oh my... That is hilarious!
  5. Banshee is just Awesome. Well worth watching.
  6. No. It is all a load of nonsensical hogwash.
  7. The Guv'nor


    I liked Germany. Cool place.
  8. Che Adams was a done deal to Southampton for 14 million... Deal off...Hmmm now I wonder why? Sale of the club? New owners buy for 30 milion and sell Che for 20 million?
  9. Where is that place? Do they have the internet?
  10. I had slow roasted pork with sauerkraut and roast potatoes.
  11. I have heard on the grapevine that Trilion Trophy have put Birmingham up for sale...
  12. Trumpy was right when he labelled him a Stone Cold Loser.
  13. Do we seriously want a Prime Minister called Jeremy?
  14. Yes Bastion. Lolley needs to watch he doesn't get a good licking if he runs into the wrong people! A bit like Lee Hendry did
  15. The Guv'nor

    The Twelfth

    Are those two protestants?
  16. Again, no real shocker. The Remainers will be desperate to dish up any dirt they can. A vote for Hunt is a vote for a May clone.
  17. I like your style Bastion mate. It is great before a few pints with the lads! America is another place with disappointing bacon. Mostly crispy and not good. However, their steaks and pork chops are top hole!
  18. I see the neighbour who called the police to Boris's birds flat the other night following reports of a "disturbance" is a Remainer! No shocker there eh?
  19. I had this tasty yummy load of goodness this morning. It will soak this afternoons beer up.
  20. I thoroughly enjoyed last night's game between Norway and Australia which went down to nail biting penalty kicks. Norway held their nerve to advance and will now play either England or Cameroon.
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