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  1. Aye. They will take my order and they will like it!
  2. That must have hurt. Luckily she never cracked her head off the wall when she landed. I do hope she was ok.
  3. The Mexican food is superb and of a quality this country knows not of.
  4. Pittsburgh visiting family. Just going for the week. And I will miss everyone but you the most Bastion. The hotel will have WiFi. Gonna get me one of them caps!
  5. I fly out to the USA on Sunday afternoon. Can't wait. Nice weather, good food, cheap beer!
  6. England looking cooked here.
  7. He opens the batting if Roy or Bairstow ain't fit.
  8. I will have to get me some flag of St George ones then and be labelled racist!
  9. I think it may be ok to cover the EU emblem with another flag or emblem.
  10. Anyone else got the same problem as me? I have a car with front and back plates EU ready and two motorcycle with back plates that look like this. Struggling to try and find any info on whether covering the dreaded emblem is illegal or not?
  11. Christopher Walken is excellent.
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