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  1. On my way off out in Redcar now. Fun fun fun :]
  2. I've always said Ronaldo. He has proved himself in England, Spain and Italy.
  3. It's disgusting the amount of money that has been spent on this. Money given to looking for missing children should be given to more recent cases with a better chance of finding them a live. In my opinion they have missed their chance with this, as harsh as it seems.
  4. Yeah thought it was. How come I cannot access my old account then. Is it a new form all together?
  5. Thanks everyone. It was actually you I recognised. I think my mate Craig got me on here years ago, he was an admin. Do you remember him. Did the forum used to be green and white?
  6. I've just had a look around and recognise a few names. Thanks
  7. I'm sure I was a member of the forum years ago...
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