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  1. Always banana and custard on a Sunday mate Yeh.
  2. Going posh and using the oven.
  3. I'm having Lasagne, cheesy garlic bread and chips
  4. Cheeky bastard. I like it
  5. Round 1 Winner It was at that moment, Sharon realised, she'd made a lot of bad life choices.........
  6. Monkey is looking over your flock. Don't worry
  7. Archers and lemonade for me. Mrs said I can't watch the football.
  8. I've always said you know your stuff when it comes to food. Sounds delicious
  9. I won't eat anything but Carbs. They're delicious
  10. Three very talented young men. That's now my favourite song.
  11. Try and eat me and I'll go ape shit.
  12. I thought you were a friendly bunch but now you're talking about eating my own kind. That could have been a relative of mine.
  13. Of course. The only rule I have in life is to not leave food
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