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  1. So you are/were in the military. Ever shot a gun in anger? I'm guessing no. Stupid civvies
  2. VB lol 330ml cans. Rank
  3. Press play. You might like it. Seeing as you are from here
  4. You've had me painted as something you want me to be since I joined. I've never put up a front or mask as you say. I dont hide that I'm non religious and hate division. You however and your type are different. You want it. You need it
  5. Deflect lol How about we talk about the topic at hand instead of you strangely following me around. Is Britain heading for unrest? Your reply - deflect
  6. Id rather my taxes went there then people sitting on welfare
  7. When I sign a form I choose Northern Ireland. Rather than Britain or Ireland. You dont know what you are
  8. You cant answer the question. Says a lot
  9. jezza


    Whats tiresome? That you need educated? "if" i had a gun Id pick off rats
  10. So what country are you from?
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