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  1. jezza

    Britain 2019

    Wonder do the people doing the leg work feel the same You should look into it. Its scary what has been passed and there is more on the way. They are scared of people being able to say and do what they want without being censored Nope. Not with Corbyn as the leader. Not that I would get a say anyway and neither would you Norm.
  2. jezza

    Britain 2019

    Every police person should be armed. Ridiculous that they arent in the UK. But we should be more concerned over the censorship and the control that the tories are passing into law over civilians. Snoopers charter, which has passed. Shocking stuff
  3. jezza

    Britain 2019

    The tories have been in power for 9 years. They cut back on services, its what they do. Who has been cutting back on the NHS? Who cut back on spending for the military? None of that matters though apparently
  4. jezza

    Britain 2019

    No its not, and no they wont. The tories cut police funding. ffs wake up
  5. Wales were excellent against the Aussies.
  6. Thankfully your kind is on the way out
  7. I fucking hate CCTV. We are the most watched nation in the world and it creates paranoia. Being watched all the time is not normal. When I seen a lad bring the first camera phone into a bar(think it was a nokia) I knew it was gonna go wrong. Cant even go for a pint, or get a chinese without being on fucking camera. Its not the wild west ffs Cameras have a use, but its too much now
  8. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/bbc-ni-defends-absence-of-god-save-the-queen-from-belfast-proms-playlist-38501923.html Sad cunts
  9. You should go up market and get in some brioche with real butter. Outstanding Dont even want to think about doing it at the same time. It would probably turn into a cry wank
  10. Pot noodle and a wank for me. Bad boy too
  11. So why dont you buy Irish products? Its good to be truthful
  12. jezza

    Random Videos

    This is old as fuck but always makes me laugh. You bloody bastard!
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