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  1. VAR is going to kill the game. Absolute fact. Its going to get the stage that when your team scores and you celebrate, you'll be waiting on a VAR check. The womens game is terrible. Like all sports, men are better. Its simple genetics.
  2. jezza

    The Twelfth

    the first rule......
  3. jezza

    The Twelfth

    I cant talk about it
  4. jezza

    The Twelfth

    Double time for me. Hope the weathers good though, BBQ to go to after.
  5. jezza

    The Twelfth

    Flags are out. Bonfires are nearly built. How will you be celebrating?
  6. https://youtu.be/ga4tbK5KtsM https://youtu.be/bfszsMPq78U Saturday night at Slane. Dunno how to add videos @Harold
  7. jezza

    The CUNT Thread

    women be crazy.
  8. jezza

    The CUNT Thread

    Wife sold her husband's £45K football memorabilia for a FIVER after suspecting he was cheating when she spotted him on TV at a Man City game with a mystery blonde Shelly Cohen, from Warrington, Cheshire, has been married to Paul for 10 years Stay-at-home mother-of-two, 41, felt Paul always prioritised his beloved football Saw red after her best friend saw him on TV with a blonde woman and texted her Paul had lied saying he was at work so Shelly flogged his 60-year-old collection Couple are still together but Paul said he'll never forgive his wife for what she did https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-7111959/Wife-sells-hubbys-45K-football-memorabilia-5-spotting-match-woman.html
  9. jezza

    Britain 2019

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/video_and_audio/features/uk-27668706/27668706?fbclid=IwAR057l0glvKbAQfhmKDeTJK_spVTA3BytQHIy-hVbwavfaCGNAOuKvDpLhQ Wasnt sure where else to put this
  10. That is some statement. Maybe a team just want to find out what happened to her and they are passionate about doing so? Do hope the truth comes out, although it doesnt look likely at the minute.
  11. http://www.belsonic.com/ Happening next Wednesday. A music festival in Belfast. Bringing people together.
  12. Somehow I think they are still investigating other cases. Its just not on twitter.
  13. In my experience, blokes with big dogs that show them off as aggressive, are soft cunts
  14. Dog pound. Say its being treated badly, which it clearly is.
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