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  1. DOC

    BBC Trans Agenda

    When its someone who is gender fluid , the PC terminology is " them " and "they" .
  2. They sold the first million pound player in England.
  3. Great show , except for Tony's sessions with Dr Melfi . I thought that was a weakness in the whole script.
  4. You will get a good deal , ultimately , but to be honest I just cant see the UK dictating terms . Say what you like about the EU but they do know the value of the single market . Margaret Thatcher championed its importance when it started. and she knew what she was talking about . Access to it and its simplicity is hugely important to businesses. That's the EU's baby and they will guard its "integrity " i and ts rules and regulations.
  5. Tim Newark for a start, the one BB was quoting from . https://www.express.co.uk/comment/expresscomment/1234700/Leo-Varadkar-Brexit-news-EU-trade-talks-Tim-Newark
  6. Wishful thinking as in a lot of commentators in the British media and press are always predicting Ireland is going to be somehow 'fucked " when Brexit kicks in.It's certainly not said with foreboding . It comes across as something they would like to see happening , because Varadkar didn't know his place as one MP suggested. The British are not going to do anything to damage one of their largest export customers no matter what . It's going to be all about the economy at the end of the day. Let's look in 12 months and see how much divergence there is from the EU .
  7. Well that remains to be seen.
  8. Thats pure bollocks . UK is NOT the 5th largest economy in the world , the 6th at best . Your prediction about Ireland being fucked is wishful thinking , nothing more .We are the UKs 4th largest customer and one of the few countries that you have a trade surplus with. Here's a prediction, the UK will be a rule taker after Brexit . If you think Boris has a magic wand that will make you all massive trade deals around the Commonwealth . you are in for a sad awakening .
  9. Slade in the National Stadium Dublin March 1973 . Nothing has ever come close to the feeling of seeing your heroes 10 feet away from you. Still love that band
  10. Anybody envisage problems post Brexit . I seem to remember the 3 foreigner rule in the 90s making way for the Bosman Ruling. It was an EU ruling , or has the English Football leagues outgrown these obstacles.
  11. There was no offence meant Harold ,I was using the analogy of the plane crash that supposedly ( we will never know ) prevented the Busby Babes from becoming a great team. IT'S the only major tragedy that ever specifically befell a football team . Not referring to supporters here . There were quite a few of them.
  12. Michael J Fox perhaps ?
  13. Hi Jeff , the only thing that could stop Liverpool winning the title would be a Munich like air disaster. I could be wrong but this must be a record lead at this stage in the PL since its inception.
  14. Are you wrapping existing 6 x 6 ft timber fencing panels in this product ?
  15. DOC

    Random thought-

    No , I will have a look at it now , thanks .
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