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  1. Only pulling your chain Norm , I just caught the end of it. Looked like a good game. Congratulations.
  2. Interesting thread. I had to think about this and to be honest, I would be mortified to confess some of the things I did. Up to what age are we talking about ?
  3. If anyone goes looking for stuff on social media or websites that will bolster your view on Brexit or whatever, you won’t have far to look for what you want I’ve heard all these arguments over the last 5 years or so about how Ireland will be shafted etc by the EU and they usually come from Brexit supporting commenters.So a large pinch of salt. Ireland , at the moment is the 6th richest country in the world per capita and second to Luxembourg in the EU. You won’t persuade the huge percentage of the population here that supports the EU , that that came about without any help over the la
  4. Well it might be a bit more enlightening than your constant drivel.
  5. What do you want here Bastion, just an echo chamber ? No.8 said he hated the way the “Minority“ were being appeased. I was fleshing out that statement. Are you going to just have a pop at every inconvenient truth that you don’t like , or would you care to debate , instead of your usual snide remarks.
  6. Or put another way , Catholics 45% , the other 8 Christian denominations combined 48%
  7. The “Jafaican “ accent is the worst by a long shot. Very contrived.
  8. Roman Catholics 40% Presbyterians 20% Anglican about 15% and so on down to Unitarians , a couple of percent. Are you are combining all the other Christian denominations in NI to suit your assertion ?
  9. NI-REL-01: Population in Northern Ireland: breakdown by religious denomination (numbers and %), 1991, 2001, and 2011 Year 1991 2001 2011 Religious Denomination Number % Number % Number % Catholic 605,639 38.40% 678,462 40.26% 738,033 40.76% Presbyterian 336,891 21.40% 348,742 20.69% 345,
  10. Beautiful Mak. I’m going to have to revisit Donegal. The last time was a winter weekend in Bundoran. Not very memorable to be honest.
  11. Jackie was a tad confused all the time.
  12. His goal got the ROI to the Euros in 88
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