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  1. It's a stupid thing to say ,even though he said he was joking , a referee might have a seed of doubt the next time he falls over, but Liverpool fans , like all fans will condone their player doing whatever he wants if he bangs in 30 goals a season. That's the hard truth.
  2. Harold , players have cheated in football ever since the first ball was kicked in anger. If it's not diving , it's a sly dig , an elbow .spitting ,biting, the hand of Maradona or Henry. The peno that Mane got last weekend was soft but the ref had the benefit of VAR and still gave it. On the other hand, refs are booking players for so called diving when it is sometimes the player tripping over his own feet .
  3. Fair enough Harold , point taken .
  4. M More capitals in the wrong places.
  5. Still not debating eh , more cheap insults . If you get away with it on this forum it will be down to poor moderation.
  6. Would you like to join the debate in this thread with a counter argument or are you just going to take cheap shots ?
  7. Its the same everywhere now, I agree with you partly H , but i think its right that a lot of lingo that was used especially about physical or mental disabilities is now frowned upon. There is an old clip of John Lennon on the stage mimicking a person with cerebal palsy , how he even thought he was funny then is bewildering .
  8. The BBC Devon radio presenter got sacked ( as far as I know ) for playing this version of the song , The one with the N word in it .
  9. Oh yeh , why dont you blame us for starting both world wars while you're at it ,and aids climate change ? and do yourself a favour , look up all the England players born abroad , Luther Blisset , Raheem Sterling , John Barnes , Graham LE Saux and plenty more. James McLean has more guts to do what he does than all the other wimps . Do you really think every other player in England would wear the Poppy if they had a choice ?
  10. A record away win in the Premiership, and probably ever in the old Div 1. Crazy scoreline. Maybe there's more to Brendan Rogers than I thought.
  11. Somebody once said the same about Kevin Keegan " He wasn't fit to lace George Best's drinks "
  12. The DUP basically want a veto every 4 years to remove NI from the arrangement that BJ has struck with the EU, instead of a simple majority of the Assembly which is what the agreement says. So every 4 years businesses in NI would have to depend on whether the DUP decide to go ahead with the arrangement for another 4 years and they don't like the uncertainty that would entail. Johnson has a pain in his bollocks with the DUP saying no to everything and so has given up on them. The DUP are now meeting with paramilitaries to drum up support they are that desperate. They are a despicable organisation as is Sinn Fein , they are both cheeks off the same arse.
  13. I cant understand anyone getting that jab. Is it because the flu is lethal to some folk ?
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