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  1. Do you actually use hods up there? I have never seen one on a building site.
  2. There was a massive mobile home site beside it. Very well run by the looks of it. Is it true you can see the Isle of Man on a clear day ?
  3. That’s the one we stopped at. There were a handful of people on it , not much in the way of sand.
  4. You might have a problem with broadband in some parts Yiddo.There’s a national roll out on at the moment, not sure how it’s going in Sligo. Property prices would be reasonable in that part of the country but there’s a great quality of life there as you probably know.
  5. Bastion was that one of the beaches near the Millisle side of Bangor , I found the beaches very quiet there for a bank holiday weekend, also a very strong smell. Something to do with stagnant seaweed ?
  6. I don’t really recall Bob Monkhouse other than his game shows. I’ll tell you who really was underrated, your own James Young. A bigger budget and he would have had huge recognition. He was probably a pioneer for camp comedy on TV.
  7. Yeh but I was more referring to comedy shows as opposed to sitcoms. I would put Tommy Cooper in there as well.
  8. I don’t how you got that impression Bastion , it was wall to wall crap. A few exceptions, Les Dawson , Eric and Ernie , Benny Hill, Dave Allen.
  9. He turned out to be an irrelevance himself Dug , can’t say I’ve heard much of him since. We were hard up for good comedy in the 70s in hindsight. A lot of tosh.
  10. I remember reading somewhere that he wasn’t the easiest to work with, but he was a natural at what he did. He knew what he was talking about. You would hardly remember his comedy career in The Goodies Caz ?
  11. I stopped watching it after they sacked Bill Oddie.
  12. When he was advertising the gourmet night in the hotel he stipulated “ No Riffraff ‘ 🤣🤣
  13. Could be Basil Fawlty returning to his broken down car.
  14. Ah , I could’ve called in for a drop of tay, maybe next time. Was that your local “ The Pub “ on the Newtownards Road ? Rough looking place.
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