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  1. Boris can talk the talk , have to say though I am surprised at the optimism on here regarding his appointment. Do you really think that the EU are quaking in their shoes at the thought of having to deal with him and his ministers ? I doubt it .
  2. DOC

    The Twelfth

    Did you mean to put that be on the Selfie Thread ?
  3. DOC

    The Twelfth

    It went very well , really enjoyed the day. A bit disappointed not to see the baton twirler flinging it 30 ft in the air. Apparently it’s not allowed due to insurance. Looking at the Orangemen who marched between the bands, the average age was quite high , mostly in their 70s. You would wonder where the new blood was going to come from. It appears to be an excuse for a big piss up , for a lot of people, just like paddy’s day.
  4. DOC

    The Twelfth

    In laws Norman . That pub sounds like The Villager , great for music , it closed during the downturn but its open again AFAIK . All the dentist in the world are cheaper than ours.
  5. DOC

    The Twelfth

    I'm at a loss to think of anything controversial about any Patrick's Parade down here , what do you mean ? Apart from boring the pants off everyone. Those Euro pallets are the blue ones btw .
  6. DOC

    The Twelfth

    When I said Fenian , I was being facetious, I thought you would get that. I dont have a dog in the fight either way so its just from a Southern visitor perspective. I don't get your Paddy's Day Parade comparison . Its just taken as a light hearted event , hardly contentious , not in the Republic anyway. Anyway , we are heading up tomorrow, the wife has an appointment for her teeth in one of your cut price dentists . I will stick a few Euro pallets in the boot just in case the lads run short on the bonny.
  7. DOC

    The Twelfth

    I am heading up to the Crossgar Parade this year. ( I will check it out from a Fenian perspective )
  8. DOC

    The Brexit Party

    ,Why no candidates in NI . Are they not a UK wide party ?
  9. Corry binman in the 70s ( played by Twiggy from the Royle Family.

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