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  1. Yes “apparently “ but not quite There are no rules about having a picnic here , whatever about UK. Varadkar could nearly throw a stone into Phoenix Park , he lives that close to it, so he didn’t break the 5km limit. It’s always a good idea to delve into any story before commenting because the headlines in the rags are usually inaccurate or misleading. There was one such headline in the Daily Express the other day where they stated in black and white , that a report stated percentage of exports from UK to EU was now at 17% The report actually said 17% of GDP , Totally different thing but they know most of their readers wouldn’t know the difference. If Cummings son has Austism and he didn’t use it as an excuse, and ASAIK he didn’t mention it to the press , well that’s commendable, but if not , will he just leave the rumour out there ?
  2. I just read your OP. Nothing about autism, unless you mean it was one of the bits and pieces you read on Twitter, but if he is autistic , is that enough to give him a pass ? I know a lot of parents who have children with autism and it’s been particularly trying for them, however if I was one of them, I would feel very resentful if there was one law for us etc.....
  3. Is that heresay or did he allude to it in his press conference?
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    The Doggy Thread🐶

    These oul wans have the right idea
  5. Part of John Gregg’s Wiki page , Gregg played the bass drum in the UDA-affiliated flute band Cloughfern Young Conquerors, a loyalist flute band which police claimed regularly caused trouble at Orange Order parades.[11] In late August 1997 this band was one of a number of similar flute bands to travel to Derry for the annual Apprentice Boys of Derry march through the city centre. As the band prepared to take the train home that evening they met members of the Shankill Protestant Boys, another band in town for the parade that was affiliated to the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). Brawls between the two had been frequent and tensions had been growing between the UDA and UVF leading to a drink-fuelled pitched battle between the two groups at the train station. During the course of the melee a Shankill Protestant Boys member managed to gouge out Gregg's eye,[12] although it is also claimed that Gregg lost his eye due to a fight with republicans at the same parade.[13] Anti-Catholic campaigns[edit] Along with Jackie McDonald and Billy McFarland, fellow brigadiers on the UDA's Inner Council, Gregg was lacking in enthusiasm for the Belfast Agreement when it appeared in 1998.[14] Throughout 1999 his brigade continued to be active, undertaking a pipe bomb campaign against Catholic homes whilst on 12 May members of his brigade shot and wounded a Catholic builder in Carrickfergus under the cover name "Protestant Liberation Force". Much of this activity was inspired by Gregg's personal hatred of Catholics.[15] A senior police source once described him as a man driven by "pure and absolute bigotry".[1] Gregg was also characterised as "a bully, a racketeer, and a sectarian bigot who took particular delight in carrying out vicious punishment attacks and randomly targeting Roman Catholics."[11] In 2000 he helped to ensure that a proposal before the Inner Council to initiate the decommissioning of weapons was rejected.[16] Having witnessed demographic shifts in Glengormley and Crumlin, traditionally loyalist majority towns that had come to have nationalist majorities on account of loyalists moving out of Belfast, he determined that the same thing would not happen in Carrickfergus and Larne and so launched a campaign of pipe bomb and arson attacks on Catholic homes there (despite these towns having very small Catholic populations). The main target proved to be Danny O'Connor, a Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) representative on initially Larne Borough Counciland then the Northern Ireland Assembly, whose home and office were attacked at least 12 times by Gregg's men between 2000 and 2002.[17]Protestant Trevor Lowry (aged 49) was beaten to death in Glengormley by UDA members under Gregg's command on 11 April 2001 after he was mistaken for a Catholic.[18] Catholic workman Gary Moore was killed in Monkstown in 2000 in another killing attributed to Gregg's unit.[19] In late 2001, Gregg's reign of terror in Rathcoole, where drug dealing, knee-capping and savage beatings were the norm, was challenged by local British Labour Party Councillor Mark Langhammer, who also objected to Gregg's close links to neo-Nazi groups in Great Britain.[10] He called on the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) to establish an auxiliary police "clinic" on the estate, which had no permanent police building, so that locals concerned about crime could have somewhere to go.[20] This followed in summer 2002 when a community centre was taken over for this purpose although Gregg's UDA objected and daubed the building with the word "tout".[20] On 4 September Langhammer's car was blown up outside his Whiteabbey home by Gregg's men, although Langhammer himself was asleep at the time and no one was injured.[18]
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    Movie Titles

    Correct Dug. I thought that one might last a bit. Bottle of Babycham on its way.
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    Movie Titles

    12 Angry men.
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    Song titles

    Good spot Bastion. A song by Ballymena’s finest.
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    Ye can hang on to them at the minute.
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    Good Golly Miss Molly
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    Pale Rider ?
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