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    Shamima Begum

    She was still only 15 when she went over. A child , probably raped within days. Hardly a hardened terrorist. 14 and 15 year olds are groomed by drug pushers and pimps in our inner cities because they know how malleable and easily influenced that age group is. Same reason Saville and Gary Glitter and the likes were able to get away with what they did. She was just a kid.
  2. DOC

    Shamima Begum

    Well cut her a break. She was indoctrinated. Compare that with Prince Andrew hiding behind his mother’s apron strings, no campaign by the tabloids to deny him due process.
  3. DOC

    Shamima Begum

    Did any of you ever do something stupid at 15 years of age and regret it ?
  4. That’s shocking Mak, hope she’s ok.
  5. Slade. Dublin Chuck Berry ditto Dr Hook ditto Paul McCartney ditto Talking Heads ditto Snow Patrol. ditto Trembelows ditto Eric Clapton ditto John Fogerty ditto Madness. ditto Cat Stevens. ditto Arlo Guthrie ditto Rory Gallagher Cork A special mention for Cat Stevens as the shittiest concert of them all
  6. RIP Bob Fish , singer with Darts.
  7. Things were a lot simpler then Bastion. Hop over on the ferry to Liverpool on Friday £13 return. £3 into the Kop , a few bevvies after the match in the Holiday Inn in Liverpool, where nearly the whole team drank after the game, then back on the boat back to Dublin leaving 11 Saturday night. You walked around like a zombie from lack of sleep but it was good crack. I know Scousers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I found them okay.
  8. I read somewhere that they took that image on very reluctantly.
  9. 65 last May Bastion, I figure you’re about 50ish n’est pas ?
  10. Me too Harold , Dublin 1973 , I was deaf for three days after.
  11. Ah , the lads from the Black Country, can’t bate them
  12. RIP Una Stubbs and Nancy Griffith. Recently passed.
  13. The Damned United , anyway I reckon a 2 all draw.
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