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  1. What’s the local team in Bangor. There’s a Bangor Celtic down here , it’s hardly them ?
  2. DOC


    You can’t be too careful Dug 🤣
  3. DOC


    Have you ever been tested for Helicobacter ?
  4. I thought you two are still on snarling term ?
  5. You’re dead right. I think Mr K has lost the proverbial dressing room. I always suspected that there were a few passengers on the team and they are showing up now with all the injuries. Regarding the penalty, I was on one of the Liverpool forums last night and the way some of the contributors were going on about it , you would be forgiven for thinking they were referring to Hillsborough 1989. The greatest injustice ever ! It’s cringing For what it’s worth I think Trent lifted his leg up deliberately after he stumbled to prevent Calvert Lewin getting to the ball. the confidence has comple
  6. Harold , . Alan Judge stood up for the referee , he didn’t play the race card , did anyone suggest the ref was anti Irish? I don’t think colour or race should be brought into it. It was just one of those things.
  7. DOC


    He used a shovel Mags 🤣 somebody was supposed to say that every dog does that and that was my answer but I got no bites. 😟
  8. DOC


    The last dog we had was a mongrel and definitely the cleverest dog I ever came across. We would give him a bone to chew on and then he would bury it in the garden. Amazing, wished I got it on video.
  9. DOC


    Well Mags , if you’re going to buy a dog , you’ll need a couple of pointers. 🤣🤣
  10. DOC


    Try a cross between a bulldog and a shitzu, excellent dog. I think it’s called a bullshitz 🤣🤣
  11. Minus 23 in Scotland according to the news ?
  12. It’s a Cork accent Dug. Imagine Roy Keane with a falsetto 🤣
  13. This is from Cork “ I heard he wasn’t well , diddy doy dough ( did he die though ? )
  14. Sorry that was a misquote, £370 for 900 ltrs , still a lot dearer though. Road diesel is cheaper here , as far as I know, about £1 ,06
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