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  1. The Three Degrees meet the Three Degrees West Brom 1978
  2. Is Barraclough’s job on the line now ?
  3. When they digitised the terrestrial freeview system here it blocked all UK channels.
  4. The crazy thing is , Ch 5 works on the old analog skybox using a scart lead and no viewing card. When Brexit came in , in January this year , Sky had to block a lot of their hosted channels on their pay service that weren’t prepared to broadcast into the EU because of the added paperwork and cost of licensing. We went from having over 20 music stations to about 4 now. Same must have happened for Ch 5. Most of the freeview channels disappeared.
  5. Ah thanks, for some reason we can’t get that channel on a Sky hdmi box.
  6. What station was that on Dug ?
  7. I bought The Damned United second hand a few weeks ago for a Euro.A great read and insight into football management in the 1970s
  8. I think you’re right, especially with regard to the peno they got in the WC playoffs. Lewis should have been warned at least , but I think the ref snapped when Lewis lowered the ball after holding it in the throw position for so long. I have to say , you have a good team there. Switzerland were there for the taking before the sending off, the second goal was a gift.
  9. That’s awful Mag, it’s a hard time fo4 the family.
  10. It’s true Dug, she’s still goes on about it. Anytime we’re in company and the conversation comes around to presents , she’ll say “ do ye know what HE bought me one Christmas”…..
  11. I bought the wife an iron for Christmas, over 20 years ago, I never heard the end of it.
  12. Low point , developing dermatitis from contact with cement just after completing my apprenticeship as a brickie High point , would have been my first business eventually paying for itself.
  13. Crazy family, the founder Ben Dunne once gave an interview to a journalist and that’s all he said during the whole interview. “Dunnes Stores better value beats them all. “ His. son Ben Jr was kidnapped by the ira for a £million ransom in the 80s.
  14. What a band , Van Morrison with the original members of Them.
  15. DOC

    Shamima Begum

    She was still only 15 when she went over. A child , probably raped within days. Hardly a hardened terrorist. 14 and 15 year olds are groomed by drug pushers and pimps in our inner cities because they know how malleable and easily influenced that age group is. Same reason Saville and Gary Glitter and the likes were able to get away with what they did. She was just a kid.
  16. DOC

    Shamima Begum

    Well cut her a break. She was indoctrinated. Compare that with Prince Andrew hiding behind his mother’s apron strings, no campaign by the tabloids to deny him due process.
  17. DOC

    Shamima Begum

    Did any of you ever do something stupid at 15 years of age and regret it ?
  18. That’s shocking Mak, hope she’s ok.
  19. Slade. Dublin Chuck Berry ditto Dr Hook ditto Paul McCartney ditto Talking Heads ditto Snow Patrol. ditto Trembelows ditto Eric Clapton ditto John Fogerty ditto Madness. ditto Cat Stevens. ditto Arlo Guthrie ditto Rory Gallagher Cork A special mention for Cat Stevens as the shittiest concert of them all
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