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Does anyone snore on here? I snore EVERY NIGHT without fail. My missus fucking hates it, its not too bad at the moment as i've stopped the drink. But when I have a few vodkas and then go to sleep, she hits me a few times, I wake up with parts of my body hurting :lol:. I don't blame her though.

Does anyone have any good things to stop or reduce snothing, and death isn't an option!!!

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won't stop you but it will certainly assist...get separate rooms then snore your fucking heart out....that'll stop the whinging!

my wife snores bad. i like to pull the covers over her head and watch her wake up fighting for air thats how much it bothers me. 🙂 it got so bad i was thinking about ringing up derek chauvin and askin

Really? That surprises me.  Are you my missus

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37 minutes ago, Bastion said:

I snore like a bastard....however 

The wife finds it comforting and it sends her to sleep....

Really? That surprises me. 

13 minutes ago, Catsmother said:

My husband snores too. I hit him then he turns over and does it again. So annoying.

Are you my missus :lol:

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