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Forum moving forward....F A O All Members

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Agreed, all water under the bridge.

There was some unpleasantness that hopefully was alcohol fuelled and not meant, but the overriding thing for me the other night was that I saw a likeable and honest side to a good few in here and it is safe to say that I would happily share a beer with them.

Onwards and upwards people! 

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1 hour ago, Harold said:

The last few weeks have been a very turbulent period on the forum, culminating in what occurred over the weekend past which wasn't pleasant viewing/reading I think we'd all agree. Anyway, the bottom line is that Mags has returned to the forum. I have no problem with that. I would appreciate it that  ALL members accept that what has gone on in the past which has caused any problems, remains in the past and that NO COMMENTS whatsoever are made in reference to that. We do not want anything said that could start things kicking off. I have spoken to Mags this morning and he is in full agreement as is boro_boy. Included in my request is the spat between SP and Unique which resulted in a suspension for SP. It happened, it's over....and I would like no further mention about what occurred. The main thing now is that we remain a stable forum and use it for the purpose BB set it up for....ENJOYMENT! Please, no more derogatory comments by any member towards any other member! Also, I do not want to see ANY mention of ANY other forum or ANY member/s of other forums. I am well aware that I have done this but it will not reoccur!

DUPLICATE/FAKE ACCOUNTS: If ANYONE is found to have one or more of these accounts then the actual member who has set this up will receive a week's suspension. If there are any floating about BB has said that as a sort of 'amnesty' the member can PM either him or me and we will have any fake accounts removed from the site.

I don't think the above is too much to ask because we all want to see our wee forum thrive as much as possible & move forward in the proper fashion.




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