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World Cup Qualifier Discussion - Group I (ENG HUN ALB POL AND SAN)

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Hungary v England tomorrow, I might actually watch this but only if i'm still at work, I don't usually watch Qualifiers either. I think its say to say we will qualify though, just look at the table:


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Deaths in Qatar: 6,500 Migrant Workers Have Died Constructing 2022 World Cup Site

Construction on venues for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar began immediately after the small Middle Eastern country was awarded the event in December 2010. Since then, more than 6,500 migrant construction workers have died, according to a report from The Guardian that received shockingly little attention.

To build seven new stadiums, a new airport, dozens of hotels and an entirely new city that will host the World Cup Final, the country hired workers from, among other countries, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. In the 10 years since earning the controversial bid, an average of 12 workers from those five countries have died per week.

“The total death toll is significantly higher, as these figures do not include deaths from a number of countries which send large numbers of workers to Qatar, including the Philippines and Kenya,” wrote The Guardian. “Deaths that occurred in the final months of 2020 are also not included.”

“Natural death” is the most commonly listed cause of death, including 80% of Indian deaths. Several reports have indicated most worker deaths are a result of extreme summer temperatures, which routinely hit 120 degrees and average 113 degrees for several months. Road accidents, workplace accidents and suicide are among the other most-cited causes of death.


They can stuff this so called 'World cup' up their arse, FIFA corrupt to the core:beer

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9 minutes ago, sployal said:

They can stuff this so called 'World cup' up their arse, FIFA corrupt to the core:beer

When Qatar was announced as the winning bid to host the 2022 World Cup back in 2010, it was awarded on the basis of the tournament being staged in June and July, as with every previous tournament. But concerns over the searing summer temperatures in the Middle East, which average 41.2 degrees Celsius (106.2 Fahrenheit) in June, prompted FIFA to move the World Cup to November-December.

 FIFA and Qatar new this but went ahead 'KNOWING' it would be changed because it had to be but they hid the fact anyway until the corrupt bid won.



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1 minute ago, Bastion said:

England national team bore the fuck out me.....

Qatar is a shithole....

We ain't good enough......

Work the trophy up your hole sideways......

It ain't coming home! That'll do. 👍

  1. True
  2. True
  3. True
  4. If thats what people are into.
  5. FACT! :lol:

Its going to be a strange World Cup. Should never have gone there. Corrupt as fuck is football!

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