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Gas prices: Energy price cap not fit for purpose, say suppliers


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The fuckwitts!!

They used to make so much money when peoples fixed term ended, like a lot of money. 

What do they do with all the ir profits, they clearly don't put it aside for a rainy day. They probably give their shareholders pay outs and their bosses massive bonuses. Now that the gas/electricity prices are so high they are now moaning. Surely they should have spare money put asside.

FFS even the energy companies charge us too much via direct debit for the winter months. I'm alway in credit with the companies. When PFP went bust, i was £140 in credit and that was 6-7 months into my fixed term deal. 

I have no sympathy for these companies, all their care about is big bosses bonusses and divedends to their shareholders!

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we shouldn't be having to buy so much gas anyway and for that which was bought when prices were lower well, it should have been stored but we don't have any fucking storage facilities do we...yeah, good old forward thinking ffs. Also we have MASSIVE reserves of shale gas in the North West of England which if we were to obtain and use wold actually bring prices down but NO the fucking government kowtowed to the tree huggers about it being bad for the environment. Tell you what, these cunts would have us back in caves.

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