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Manchester United season-ticket holders face ONE-GAME BAN if they don't buy FA Cup replay ticket

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Old Trafford season ticket holders must splurge up to £60 on a seat for Tuesday's clash with Cambridge or face being banned for the club's next Premier League match.




I'd hate to be a United fan, i'd refuse to get a season ticket if it had clauses in like that. Yeah my seat would be taken up by some Chinese bloke but i'd feel better just out of respecting myself and not being treat like an idiot. How are fans still supporting united if they act like this!

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£50 for a shirt too. 


Surely the club should be grateful that the fans are buying a season ticket. To then force them to buy FA Cup tickets is really poor from them! Yes its probably well documented that they have to buy the tickets and if they don't they lose out but its shocking treatment of the fans. I guess they can get away with it as the stadium will be sold out all the time for the premiership games.

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If the fans have opted to buy a season ticket which also says they have to buy FA cup tickets, then whats the problem, they knew they had to anyway,

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