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Ross Kemp Extreme World

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Does anyone watch this on Sky One?

Probably the best program on tv at the moment as all episodes are very powerful. Certainly makes me appreciate all things good in this country.

Oh and 100 posts

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Yeah seen two of them from this current season (S4) One in South Africa about women being raped and the one before it, about Ukraine. There watchable but nothing special!

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4 minutes ago, redblood said:

Kemp is ok

Also a labour supporter

Guy's a twat, A mate of mine, who does a lot of TV work, Worked with him. Also done a lot of film work, including the last 4 james bond's. The stories this guy tells, of the people who he has worked with, is great.The best and worst people, is surpising. He's done stuff with some serious player's. all over the world. film and music mega stars.You would be surprised who is nice and nasty, according to those who work with them. He reckon's the worst most arrogant people ever to work with, are Richard & Judy.(seriously)

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23 minutes ago, redblood said:

Please expand further

He says the nicest people ever, Kylie Minogue, and Brittany Spears. some singer called Toni Braxton (woman). Is also horrible. The Rock is supposed to be a bit of a fecker too. Remember the film  Doom, with him in? There's a story about that. Filmed in an old disused underground chemical factory in Czech Republic.

It made me smile.


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