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HTC One M8 v Samsung Galaxy S6


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  1. 1. Which phone would you most likely buy?

    • HTC One M9
    • Samsung Galaxy S6
    • Neither, I prefer another phone!

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Both phones are available next month, the specs are below!


I've just decided that I'm going to go for the HTC One M9, I know I just said in another post that I was not sure. But I just found out that the S6 does not have expandable memory so you can't add micro SD cards to increase the storage. Wheras the M9 you can add upto 126GB. Also the back of the Samsung galaxy is Glass!!! So having the front and the back of the phone both made from glass, makes it VERY fragile!!! I'm sticking with the M9.


Downside for S6:

  • Glass at the front and rear or phone making it fragile
  • No SD card slot to increase storage
  • Battery downgraded from previous S5

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But what are your thoughts on the glass back, smaller capacity battery and no sd card slot?

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I love samsung full stop

my tv, phone and tablet all interlink perfectly


Its good when companies do this, but it kind of gets you stuck into buying stuff from them, such as owning an iphone will no doubt make you buy an iMac. I think any top of the range phone would work well with your TV unless it has specific apps which only control your Samsung TV.

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