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Contactless payment

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It's much better than cash.  I'd love the day we got rid of cash as it just gets in the way these days.  I've used contactless on my phone too on the ee cash on tap app. 

Barclaycard are allowing contactless payments from November on Android app if you have a barclaycard. Google wallet was the first to do this on phones then orange done it with barclaycard quick tap I think it was called.  Now it apparently all the hype since apple have introduced apple pay, no doubt apple will say they invented this lol.  I'm glad they have entered this into the UK and Google wallet was just available in the US,  but if you rooted your Android phone you could use it in the UK.  

Google have changed the name of their store from Google wallet to Android pay.  Just wish they would hurry up and release this in the UK too.  

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