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Spies To Get Access To Web History

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A list of websites visited by everyone in the UK will be held on file for a year, the Home Secretary has announced.

Police and security services will be able to access that data - which will include all the sites a person visits, but not the individual pages within that site - without a warrant.

Domestic mobile and broadband providers will be obliged to assist authorities with gathering the data.

Ministers are also proposing that senior judges will be allowed to block operations to intercept communications.

Seven High Court judges will be appointed as judicial commissioners in a new "double lock" approval system for more intrusive capabilities.

They will have the power to veto warrants signed by Secretaries of State.

If an MP's web history is looked at, the Prime Minister will be informed.

Home Secretary Theresa May said the publication of the bill is "a decisive moment".

She said: "Never before has so much information been in the public domain about the activities of our police and security services, as well as the oversight, safeguard and authorisation arrangements which govern them.

"I am clear we need to update our legislation to ensure it is modern, fit for purpose and can respond to emerging threats as technology advances.

"There should be no area of cyberspace which is a haven for those who seek to harm us to plot, poison minds and peddle hatred under the radar.

"But I am also clear that the exercise and scope of investigatory powers should be clearly set out and subject to stringent safeguards and robust oversight."

Plans to access browsing histories rely on classing this information as 'communications data' rather than 'content'.


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I've not really got a problem with this, if your not looking at horrible stuff, bomb making or other terrorist stuff then you also won't be bothered. 

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Thats probably just to catch people out who are committing fraud, I think its all done via the IP address so if you browse the internet using a VPN then I don't think they can find you!

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they can find your bank history out easy, that's no problem,

I'm not bothered either, if I wanted to do something suspicious I would just go to Costa and use there free wifi

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Not really as the ISP can still see what your doing from the inbound , but they have been logging for years all we do, Google keeps your searches for years, all this means is the police can get it easier

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