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Black Friday gimmick

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I think this is all a gimmick,  do you not agree?  Only the shit products have bug discounts,  last year the blaupunkt Tvs where being fought over lol,  surely they had to be shit  I didn't even know they made Tvs lol.  No doubt retailers will have been over pricing things for a few good month before this friday then they'll sell them slightly below the rrp.  

People also rush out to buy stuff they don't even need.  It's so funny,  well it was lat year watching all the chavs abd scruffy cunts fighting over cheap products at normal prices lol

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Fair play to Mrs SA this last black friday, She got the granddaughter an iphone for £175. she does it in the calmest manner, Sitting at her laptop buying stuf, then explianing to me, why my bank balance is a lot less, because she saved so much money.

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