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Boxing Day sales

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What's the point of them?

Seriously why buy something shops have been trying to get rid of all year just because it's on the cheap when you can be at home with the family watching the football or movies

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I never go out in sales and buy something just because its cheap. I just buy stuff that I need, if I need something and see it in the sale them I might get it as i'll use it. People think they are getting a good deal but in fact they are wasting money on stuff they'll never use just because it was on offer.


I hate the general public!

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6 hours ago, boro_boy said:

hahaha I know, mainly the scruffy bastards thinking they're getting a good deal!

Cheeky bastard. Got Mrs SA, a pair of boots. £100 off, Lacoste jumper, £70, lacoste zip up top, £80, Armani jeans £80. Am well chuffed with that, Also 2  hugo boss polo £45 each. Then dinner in the pub. Bargain i say, especially as Mrs SA paid for the dinner.(she had a little moan about the drinks bill tho)

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