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Tonight' dinner.

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Home made steak pie, = very nice, some of those little tiny potato's,  SA not know what they called, = very nice. Baby peas=very nice. Home made yorkshire pudding = very nice. Gravy=very nice. Mint sauce( which SA claims credit for, cos i added it myself, = geniously very nice):). then the bad bit. Why the fuck did Mrs SA put tinned carrot's on there too?.

What did you have for dinner tonight? surely not tinned carrot's!

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5 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

I'm having pancakes.  

Thats for after dinner. Loads of lemon and sugar. I swear i have a pic of your pancake fad from the old days. sa will have a look for it.

Found the fecker here ya go.



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22 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

I had a Pizza hut tonight was nice 

Had it at 4pm though as I was starving.

Big John's Beats the shit out of pizza hut. St Andrew will know about big johns pizza, Sadly for you they havent reached your way yet.

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6 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

Never heard of that, looked at their website just then and i'ts only in Birmingham and Leicester. 

Your loss mate. Pizza's are awesome, cheap too. If you ask they will put the proper chicken kebab meat on, off those things they also use for donner kebabs. Unlimited toppings, Loads of jalapenos. really good.

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25 minutes ago, St Andrew said:

Most Big John's grub is good. 

Not keen on the fish, As it's not cod. The one by Blues is the best.Drive thru too.I like being able to put my own sauces on, which i can in there.

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