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My next dog is going to be an Hungarian vizsla

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Better looking than you. sa didnt want another dog, after losing the last one.Mrs sa did,so the arguments began, (deep down i really wanted another)After commn sense and negotiation she won.Small dog, westie. dont malt dont need loads of walking,dont cost a fortune in food. Getting a Westie against serious opposition from sa, turned out great, love the dog more than anything, low maintenance too. If it aint a Westie, it's just a dog.I understand now, why they are so popular. sa has a decent size penis, so doesnt need a big staffy type dog to walk as an extension, which is sadly how some people are. Staff's are great dogs with the right owner, possibly the best.

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8 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

Staffies are awesome dogs.  Just got a bad name from chavs. 

love em, not had one myself, my son had one, great dog, sadly killed by a car.

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