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Plans for the weekend?


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Home alone this weekend, missus is working so she's down Plymouth. Might go to the footie, i'm still undecided, think i'm going to go for another bike ride in the morning. Not got much planned for the weekend other than watching some football!

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Guest United Road

Same, can't believe it's Friday already. Probably have a sober one and watch the footy. If I do drink it'll be alone and i'll have to post shite on here!!

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14 minutes ago, St Andrew said:

Happy days. Will u be having a scrap?

Probably not. Called one of their lads, Saying hope you lot are out on Saturday, He said why would we be, Were playing Norwich. I said cos were at home too. He genuinely didn't get it.. Waste of time they are fella.

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16 minutes ago, jcasper said:

I'm feeling a bit of  colour  at the moment so a weekend  of Amazon prime or Netflix  is on the cards

Brandy Whisky, & Cocaine, Is the remedy sa would try rather than wallowing in being ill fella.


9 hours ago, United Road said:

Same, can't believe it's Friday already. 


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2 minutes ago, St Andrew said:

Yep. I know it. Been in there a few times. Proper place. 

I fairly regular there. The staff are the friendliest bunch. Last year we went there for food on my sons birthday, He did the check in on facebook thing,Manzils is big into facebook, clocked it instantly Obviously they knew who we were. They gave us all free drinks, Throughout our time there. Gonna ask for free Anadin for Mrs sa next time.

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1 minute ago, St Andrew said:

Kolkotta Lounge in Stirchley ain't bad either. 

Too be fair, There are a few decent one's around. Maybe im just being old, I just love Digbeth, Many years of memories cos of Blues. And as an area it really is the capital of Brum. Remember not so many years ago, away fans trying to get through there. The outcry of if visiting Stans, get a taxi from station, no friendly pubs for away fans etc. Feck em. It's ours they not welcome.

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5 minutes ago, St Andrew said:

Away fans seem to get in The Railway (old Sam Weller's) especially when the Vile are at home.

Vile have no say in anything. We have long moved on from that area. Do you remember Millwall landing on us in John Bright street years ago.We were all in boogies,Mr C got it open early just for us? Fair play they did there homework, but it never ended well for them. Including 1 or 2 of them ending up beaten and left bollock naked.Smashed em silly.Millwall not had much luck against us really have they?.

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10 hours ago, jcasper said:

Just about to watch spectre 

And start drinking

I was never much into Bond movies, Until a few years back me and Mrs sa, went to Great Yarmouth for a long weekend, SHE, decided we would go cinema,Was Daniel Craig's, first Bond movie.Casino royale, Got me into it a little bit. Watched all his Bond movies at the cinema since. Spectre is good,I hope he goes and does more Bond films, As he not like the smooth feckers who have played Bond in the past. that Brosnan fella?? WTF.

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Grandson's Birthday Friday, Tho it will be a Toby carvery breakfast for us all, With just a few beers, The family will have to carry on without me then, As i am working Friday night on SVO's. Off to Brentford Saturday,(another boat trip) Hope to be home in time for a few at the German Market after. Sunday will be hopefully a relaxing day.

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