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Plans for the weekend?

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2 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

Oh the x-factor final!!!

Hopefully the blonde bird wins it, she's the best singer. 

The black guys are alright but each of their songs is the same. 

Forgot who the 3rd one was. Is it the posh singer where if he wins, no one would buy his shit music?

I'm surprised people still watch this shit.

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Cant believe I took Mrs SA into the BRT last night, was meeting people in town, which was chaos cos of German market, when they rang from the train, asking where to meet us, I just said the Bull Ring Tavern, as it was easier, only 1 pint tho, that's my boozer, don't want the wife in there. Proper blokes pub,not many of them left, no kids, no food, just a beer and a chat.

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@boro_boy with the new forum layout, good old threads like this are becoming buried and hard to find.

Anyhow, gonna have a shower, few hours kip, hopefully, Mrs Sa is up to going out for a little walk later, get myself a few beers then, spend the night in with her. Sadly can't post in the sa cooking thread now, due to yet another thread being ruined by negan/locke, tho if i attempt something later, i will post in the longest thread.

Oldest son, daughter in law, and grand daughter will be at the house tomorrow looking after her, so i can at least go the Blues. I seriously do need the stress relief that only Blues/football, and being with the lads can provide.

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