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While the mainstream media salivates over every disagreement in the Labour party, Conservative dissent has received less scrutiny than Jeremy Corbyn’s cat. Until now. The EU deal is pulling Tory divisions back into the spotlight, and Cameron – already struggling to push his legislation through the Lords – is facing increasing rebellion from his own benches:

Cameron’s EU deal

Eurosceptic Conservative MPs wasted no time slamming David Cameron’s draft deal with the EU when it was announced, but we haven’t seen the half of it yet. Cameron has gone to extraordinary lengths to contain the rebellion to date: demanding silence from ministers, allegedly using software to catch out those privately briefing to leave the EU, instructing MPs to ignore the Tory grassroots and even bribing Boris Johnson to bring him on-side. But with two-thirds of Tory MPs – including an estimated five cabinet members – supporting a Brexit, he’s unlikely to be able to keep a lid on the split for much longer. As Robert Peston writes: “There is zero chance of cabinet unity on the Prime Minister’s EU deal holding till the summit on February 18.”

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This is the laughable deal cameron got us:

  • An "emergency brake" on migrants' in-work benefits for four years when there are "exceptional" levels of migration. The UK will be able to apply the "brake" for migrants arriving for seven years
  • Cuts in child benefit for the children of EU migrants living overseas - applicable immediately for new arrivals and from 2020 for the 34,000 existing claimants
  • The amending of EU treaties to state explicitly that references to the requirement to seek ever-closer union "do not apply to the United Kingdom", meaning Britain "can never be forced into political integration"
  • The ability for the UK to enact "an emergency safeguard" to protect the City of London, to stop UK firms being forced to relocate into Europe and to ensure British businesses do not face "discrimination" for being outside the eurozone


Fucking SHITE!!! Why are we paying Child benefit for children of EU migrants, WHY FUCKING WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are my taxes being spent on these KIDS!! No wonder they all want to come over here!

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5 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

Nah I think we should just be ourselves where no one can tell us what to do!

Well within reason of course!

I dont even like British telling me what to do. Fuck em all, I'll do what i want.

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7 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

Lol, it will just be nice as we can sell pints of milk again without having it in litres as well!!

We'll be able to sell the wrong shaped bananas!

Fuck you EU!

Biggest thing for me, Is having control of our border's. I'd also shut that fucking tunnel. Imagine how fast the French would run down it, If the Germans ever invaded then again.

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