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Knowing your rights

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I know fuck all and I can't be arsed with the TV licence one. I'll just continue to pay the £12.12 per month lol

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19 minutes ago, redblood said:

In regards to what sa has mentioned in some topics I'm intrigued by how much people on here know about the law and their rights.

I must admit I'm not too knowledgeable about my rights apart from the basic.

sa has studied this a lot, Bill of Rights Human rights act, MAGNA CARTA. etc, also spent many many hours studying government legislation, etc.

Started for me, when i read about an old man, who died of heart attack whilst being bullied by 3 bailiffs. Really wound me up, So my research started, Several years later, I still research, I have LAWFULLY helped people write off, many many 1000's of £s. Of debt, which they didnt lawfully owe. I do it, because after years of research, I am fully aware of the  corporate banking/govenrment led corruption,And know through experience, That utility companies, debt collectors etc, crumble, When faced with common law, Which over rides all statutes and acts.

Bailiffs have absolutely no power, unless they are sent by a court, for a CRIMINAL conviction, Not to be confused with council tax typr bailiif who can do nothing. They will lie/bully etc, yet have no power. Council tax summonses are issued by the council not the court. This in itself is fraud.

Administrative courts have no lawful power. This is due to restraints posed on her majesty queen Elizabeth, at her coronation.

LOSE THE FEAR. Know your right's.

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