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The Realist

If you could Have any 3 Cars.

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What would they be, and more importantly why??


For me it's.

1 E Type Jag convertible. Absolutely the sexiest car ever.If God drove a car this would be it.



2 1970 Ford Mustang. Look at the pic. No need to explain further.


3rd would be, An Audi A3 quattro. Mrs sa had one a few years back. Ive had a range rover sport, audi q7, several Merc's and BMW's. This car just could not be outdriven, Feckin awesome. Do your best and it would just laugh back at you, almost saying is that the best you can do.


So what would you have?


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2 minutes ago, St Andrew said:

I lived in the States for a while...I craved a Mustang.

Aston Martin and  Toyota Yaris. 

I drive a Yaris now. Bomb proof and the most reliable car I've ever had by a  long way.

Thank fuck somebody answered, I was beginning to think the question was too difficult.


I bought the Daughter a yaris, lovely little motor, Plenty of kit for the money.

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2 minutes ago, St Andrew said:

All u do is put fuel in em and change the oil twice a year and away you go. So reliable.

I know someone who put 200 k up a one litre with no trouble at all. 

Doubt she will ever ever do that many miles. It's really nice motor tho, sat nav screen, half leather seats,cruise control etc. I like it. she loves it. She chose it. Thats  why i got it for her.Also the fact, that where she lives in Streetly is a bit remote. So with the car, she has no reason for not visiting us, and bringing the grandson.I also didnt want her reliant on the arsehole she lives with.Sadly the Yaris boot aint big enough to fit him him. My car has a huge boot tho.

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6 hours ago, Thomas Shelby said:

I am that impressed with my Yaris that I am trading it in for a new one.

Not one bit of trouble from mine. Hoping they do a model with a sat nav.

Which Toyota dealer did you use mate or was it private? 

Back of Fort shopping centre.

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