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The Realist

The Longest Thread In MFF History.

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Yes like the old place, We need a thread to chat any random shite we wanna. This is the thread, No real rules apply. BB you know the score.

Have you ever farted so loud, It's set your dog off barking?

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16 minutes ago, redblood said:

It's on the express and star website

Getting paid for being in the pub was nice tonight.

That fire is costing some insurance corporation, approx £2m per hour, and will continue to do so, until the warehouse is fully operational again. The fire is in the Dunlop/Goodyear, offices, other than smoke damage, The warehouse in fine.Also that report in the express and star is so not like the reality of it. No press were there, Fire started just after 7pm. Seeing first hand how fire crew dealt with it was an experience, They let the fire burn, for a long time,Tho they were in the building they were breaking windows etc, For at least 90 mins before closing the road off, and getting one of those big lifting things on the go.

As a consequence, No cars will roll of the production line, At Land Rover Solihull, and Jaguar Castle Bromwich, Until were operational again.Across all production lines, that equates to 66 cars per hour, At a cost loss wise of £60k per car. And to think the Dunlop security man kept switching the fire alarm off. Job centre Monday for him i think.

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Fuck the EU, Fuck ISIS, Fuck Sky TV ,and rupert murdoch, Fuck Rothschilds to..

I am a British man Born & Bred. I never wanted to be European, i want to be British. Although i dont consent to being European, i will have no choice. As for ISIS, I think we know where we stand on that, EU meps will continue to allow to invade and fuck Europe right up, Like that feckin German slag who is so fat her car has got stretchmarks.

Rupert Murdoch, Cunt who has fucked up the game we all love.

Rothschild! Do your own google on that. They are behind most of the corruption.

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I got really drunk at the weekend  and when the mother in law asked me what i  wanted for my  birthday  i asked for her death certificate 


It didn't go down to well

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