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New Digital Radio Stations

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The confirmed stations, all of which will launch either on 29th February or within a month of this date, are:


UTV Media

News and current affairs


UTV Media

Live sports and sports talk

Virgin Radio

UTV Media

Rock and pop music

Share Radio

Share Radio

Business and finance programmes

Mellow Magic

Bauer Media

Relaxing and melodic music

Magic Chilled

Bauer Media

A second sister channel from one of the UK’s most popular music stations

Absolute 80s

Bauer Media

80s music


Bauer Media

‘Old skool’ dance tunes and anthems


Bauer Media

Pop music, celebrity gossip and entertainment

Planet Rock

Bauer Media

Classic rock music

Sunrise Radio

Sunrise Radio

Asian music and speech programmes

Awesome Radio

Asian Sound

New British Muslim lifestyle, music and speech station


United Christian Broadcasters

Christian music

Premier Christian Radio

Premier Media Group

Christian music and speech

Premier Praise

Premier Media Group

A brand new station from one of the UK’s leading Christian broadcasting groups

Panjab Radio

Panjab Radio

Delivering extra choice for British Sikhs and Panjabi speakers

Fun Kids (DAB+)

Folder Media

National children’s radio station

Jazz FM (DAB+)

Jazz FM

Jazz music

Whats with all the SHITE christain bollocks!

Whats with the shite talk radio stations

Whats with the shite fun kids station

Hate Jazz

Panjab radio can fuck off

The only decent one will be Virgin but that will be the same as the current one "Radio X" which is on D1 National.

Basically a load of shite radio stations!

We need a dance radio station!! I'm into trance, funky house. Why can't we have a station like that, talkradio is already on D1 National, so why have it on D2? You could say Kisstory is a dance station but that just plays the old skool shite which gets boring after a while!


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