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Osborne warns of further spending cuts

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12 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

Chancellor George Osborne has warned he may have to make fresh cuts to public spending in next month's Budget.


I know what, make cuts to the amount of Aid we give to other countries!!!!!

Also stop using our money to bail out your banker buddies, And stop pouring billions into the EU. Stop Foreign Aid altogether. Look at the 100's of millions we've sent to Ethiopia. Yet the thick fuckers are still trying to grow carrots in their gardens where it's not rained for 10 feckin years.It's like see  this brown stuff here, sand desert not good, See all that nice green stuff over yonder? Well move fuckin house, that good this shit.


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I've never been so annoyed with a Government than these fools, they are ruining this country, and the leader Dithering Dave is a soft boneless CUNT! I HATE that man!

The only think they have done that I agree with is this Referendum to leave Europe which is failing! 

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19 minutes ago, St Andrew said:
9 hours ago, superally said:

Cant think of anybody ive spoken to, Who doesnt want out fo Europe.

Same here EVERYONE i've spoken to in the Navy and at home wants out. Who are these strange people who want to stay in?

19 minutes ago, St Andrew said:

I'm slightly erring on the side of dropping out. 

Why only slightly, what is possibly making you want to stay in?


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