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HTC Sent in for repair!

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This is the second problem i've had with my HTC M9. 

First problem the phone got hot and the camera lense cracked!

Claimed off insurance as it was quicker than sending away. Now the vibration doesn't work, so sent this back under warranty. Hopefully get a new phone, 3rd time lucky!

My phone is always in silent mode so maybe they have used a cheap haptic feedback device which has just worn out with usage!

Anyhow, what problems have you had with your phone and what phone do you have?

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Never had a problem with iphone, HTC, never ever lasted the contract, Samsung galaxy, bag of shit, 3 in the family, had them,doubt any lasted more than 6 months.Exchanged so many times, Absolute bag of shit phone.

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haha, DITTO!


But seriously this is the first HTC i've had any problems with. 

I've had:

HTC Hero
HTC Sensation
HTC Desire

I used to get them as they were different, they were built very well and felt great in your hand. At the moment they are not the best, im so close to getting a Samsung S7 when my contract is up in December. Im waiting to see what type of phone they bring out. 

Some leaked photos of the phone are below, don't really like it, looks like an iPhone/Samsung shite.


Now this looks nice even though I doubt its real!




Really don't like the one below!, well the back is okay, the front looks horrible!



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