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United Road

A damning statistic

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Just seen this on a Utd form I frequentCdVbXW9WEAEXVvd.jpg


In their last 30 PL games, United have mustered either 0 or 1 shot on target in 8 games, 6 of those have come in the last 21. In contrast, this happened 15 times in Fergie's last 380. 

Today van Gaal has said that his style is "working" because we are in 3 competitions; one being the league, and one other we're on the brink of going out of and shouldn't even be in because we were so shite we couldn't qualify from an easy CL group.

And people wonder why the fans are always moaning

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3 minutes ago, United Road said:

They're only doing what they're being told

Yeah but they can think for themselves and they usually do on the pitch.  The manager can only do so much.  The. Manager should have to motivate the players,  they should motivate themselves.  Especially due to the money they  are on. 

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22 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

Absolute bullshit.

If you believe that then quite frankly my Mrs knows more about football than you.

Cmon, do you really think that the likes of Martial, Mata, Depay, Herrera, Schweinsteiger, Rooney are happy playing defensive football where 1 shot on target is the norm? The manager has drilled it into them they can't take risks on the pitch and has always emphasised possession is key and to play for 1-0s. He's said as much himself that he doesnt like players taking a shot first time or long range shots unless it's clear they'll score, or trying creative passes as they might lose possession. He trains them for hours each day and these ideas and instructions are drilled into them, and it's clear from the stats and performances and that fact that when a player takes risks or makes a mistake, gets dropped for games on end. You're the naive ones if you think it's the players doing! How the team plays is how the manager wants them to

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Well of course, but the manager plays just as important a role. Why is it then that teams like Sunderland were getting thrashed 0-4 every week under Advocaat and fared much better under Big Sam? Because he had the exact same players playing to their strengths and was able to get more out of them on the pitch. Which is the opposite of what LVG has done. It's the whole concept of tactics and training.

There's countless examples of this. The biggest one, how SAF's last United team were champions and the same players (+Fellaini) then finished 7th the following year under a different man. It's the manager's job to get the players performing. In some instances, like Chelsea, the manager loses the respect of the dressing room and there's no way back

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2 hours ago, Thomas Shelby said:

Playing to stay in the PL is totally different than trying to win it. 

Staying up means the player earns  better money, terms, conditions etc.

How do you motivate a multi millionaire?

I wouldn't know, or I'd be in a big job :P But the best managers do it, Mourinho (bar this season), Guardiola, Fergie, Klopp, Simeone, Ancelotti....

One thing I can bet my life on is that, as soon as Van Gaal is out the door, barring us appointing some twat like Alex McLeish, those stats in the opening posts will be astronomically higher this time next year, albeit with 3 or 4 new signings in the team. We have talented players but they've been castrated all season

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