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One For All - Remote Control

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What remote do you own?

Now I have a Freesat box its annoying switching between the AV outputs on the surround sound. Say I want to watch something on my Chromecast, I stream it from my laptop and it automatically put it on the TV. But when I'm done I need to use the surround sound remote to put the Freesat box back on. In total I need 2 remote controlls at the moment, a third if I want to work the TV. The volume works with the Freesat box but I want the volume to control the surround sound and not the freesat box. With this new remote i've bought I'll be able to specifically tune buttons to control everyting. Its getting delivered today, cost £40 but i'm hoping it will be worth it. 

This is the one i've bought:


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This remote is the dogs bollocks, exactly what I needed. 

I've set it up so the power button when held in for 2 seconds powers everything on or off.

All sound no matter what Im doing is controlled via the surround sound system, well worth the money!

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1 hour ago, St Andrew said:

I never imagined you looking like that mate.

Looking at that pic, do I, with my megatron, look like an urban freewheeler or a sofa masturbator?

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16 minutes ago, St Andrew said:

I imagined you looking like one of The Hairy Bikers.

I do. Without the hair or bikes, though.

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