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What does Daesh mean? ISIS 'threatens to cut out the tongues' of anyone using this word

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We have been told in the Armed forces to call then Daesh as its kind of an insult to them. 

They kill their own people too, when I say their own, they kill Muslims, that police officer in France. They killed a Muslim woman in the Airport Attack in Brussels. 

In Scotland, a Muslim shop keeper was killed by another Muslim, What is wrong with these people. 

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Not sure what Daesh means, Tho i am feeling the need to get a T-shirt printed with some kind of Daesh thing on it.


Was it not Putin who first started using this term for them? Tho the western mhedia will never admit to that. Wish we had a PM like Putin, a man who knows how to look after his own, and tell the rest of the world to go fuck themselves.

I would swap him for Cameron in a heartbeat.

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Yeah he takes no shit, Daesh just means ISIS or ISIL whatever people call them.


In Arabic, the acronym ‘Daesh’ is one letter from the word ‘daas’ – meaning to trample or crush something underfoot. ‘Daas’ connotes a humiliation and lack of dignity, which Arabic speakers are aware of when using the word, but it is an overly simplistic interpretation of the Daesh acronym to place too emphasis on this interpretation.

So basically it means nothing haha


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