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Gumtree is class

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I have only tried to sell a chip box for a Vauxhall Insignia which failed to sell so give in.

Then tried again on Saturday, put SOFA up for sale and sold it for £100 thats getting picked up next week

Then put my XBOX One on it and sold that for £180

Finally put my old Flymo lawnmower on it and sold that for £20


The SOFA and the Flymo I would have just given away but instead got money for it, anyone else use Gumtree. 

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48 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

haha a little bit of impulse buying there like!!

ive done a lot of that,In the past,bought a racing drone £800, never been out the box.

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7 minutes ago, YIDDO said:

Bought gig tickets for next week from there yesterday. Do like it.

What did you buy?

The only down side is you don't have any reviews for sellers or buyers so you don't know what you dealing with.

The person buying my XBOX was a young taxi driver who was tall and blatantly a geek!

The person buying my sofa was a immigrant with broken English

The people buying my lwanmower were an old couple .

Its mad the different types of people using it!

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