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Google's April Fools Day joke causes outrage (what a surprise)

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If you're careless enough to not read the big red warning box and then hit a button that says "send with mic drop" then frankly I have no sympathy. Also if people are being fired for this then clearly their boss isn't too fond of them to begin with? Nobody would be that petty, and the matter can easily be cleared up by explaining the mishap. However, I do think Google could have executed it a bit better if they'd showed the gif in the sent/reply messages!

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Don't see the problem, like you say, it warns people before they press send.

Why would you even use that one if your replying to job emails, fucking spastics!


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I can understand if you hit it accidentally on your phone, I have big fingers so sometimes I open the wrong app etc! But then if I'm ever sending an important email, I always do it on my laptop and check and re-check, especially if I see an unfamiliar button..

How can anyone get sacked for that? I swear this generation's need to complain and/or bullshit is as strong as their need for oxygen!

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