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Return To Sender

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The government are spending £10 million of your money on pro-EU propaganda, with booklets dropping on doormats across the UK from today.

It is a disgrace that the government are using taxpayers' money to promote lies about our EU membership.

In response, I suggest we show the government exactly what we think of all this by doing what the great Elvis Presley once sang about - let's return to sender.

Feel free of course to add any helpful comments on the document before sending it back to the   


Prime Minister at:
10 Downing Street

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1 hour ago, Thomas Shelby said:

I wonder what SuperAlly will do with his?

I actually sent a NOTICE to the government stating  i do not wish to receive any of their pro EU, propaganda, stating my reasons, And a fee schedule, For my time in dealing and disposing of their unwanted material.Not that it will get me anywhere, Tho since i have received their shitty little leaflet, Which is full of scaremongering, and bullshit, I will go ahead and send them an invoice.

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8 minutes ago, redblood said:

I used our leaflet to pick the dog shit up.

Well i hope you still have that dog shit in the leaflet. Pack it all together and return to sender.

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I'm going to be sending it back, should hopefully be on my floor in the house where it belongs!!

It doesn't have an address on it so can't put on return to sender!

But i'll send it to 10 Downing street with no stamp!

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