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The Realist

Scottish Cup Old Firm Semi Final!

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Celtic will be strong favourites. Tho i have a belief Rangers can do this. It can't be as bad as last years game, Which was feckin awful.

Sadly i can't watch it, As i am working. JLR, really do own me.

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13 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

I earn a very handsome living working Mon to Fri.

It is going to be a monumental day.

Make a decent living myself fella, due to the term's of my contract, If it's production, I have to work either a Saturday or Sunday, Depending on what shift im on. If on night's no weekend work. What pisses me off tho,Is i dont get time & half, of double time. I get a flat £300 per shift regardless. so people that work under me, Earn more for the weekend shift. They also have the option to work it. Tho they never turn it down. after tax 40%, It's not the best.Still it's enough to pay for blues game tomorrow, and a few beers at the relegation party, Maybe have enough left out of it, For a curry at Manzil's as well.


Then hopefully on the piss again, Sunday evening celebrating a Gers win. Ceptic are no big deal, I really believe Gers can do this .Wouldn't put my house on it tho.

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2 minutes ago, Hh7 said:

SA, the gayboy always leaves himself open. And not to girls.

Hope you pair, aren't gonna be gunning for each other, at every opportunity. Iv'e mellowed, I have a Grandson now.

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6 minutes ago, Thomas Shelby said:

Rangers deserved their victory.

Best team won. 

Mark Warburton is a genius. 

Indeed, Tho i doubt the quality is there, To topple cmeltic, over a full season. Interesting to see how much backing Warburton gets from the board now. After 2 trophies already, And i fancy Gers to beat Hibs in the final, I think he has earned some backing. If he gets the 4 or 5 players he states he needs. Rangers could well be SPL champions next season. celtic have got seriously weaker, due to not having a challenge in the SPL. Need to state tho, Rangers were without 4, first choice guys today, Due to injury, and being cup tied.

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It was a cup,  anything happens in cup games.  League games are completely different.  I doubt you'll win the league next season,  but you never know.  If Rangers get amazing backing from the board then they might but no one knows how many  new decent players might arrive.  

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