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Your computer and its history!!

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I am currently using the computer which was in the Petty Officers Mess, for the past 2 and a bit years, I'm surprised it still works!!

Some great memories with this computer, its the Lenovo B550 is anyone is wondering. During mess functions it was used for the music as it was hooked up to a Bose surround sound system. I do love the Navy for the recreational parts, fucking great bunch of people. 

We had some fantastic nights on the ship, in when alongside in Crete at the beginning of the deployment when I binned my whore of a misses. Who was fucking everyone except me!! That's never good. But when I cam back it wad all good when the piss taking stopped, yeah we get the piss taken out of you even if your missus is cheating on your, but its character building. 

But I'm over that whore face now!!!

Pointless post really.

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My laptop's have a history of getting fucked, Due to beer spillage. Had to replace a few. This current one, Seems to handle it tho. After a bit of hissing and moaning, It works fine again. Except q, for some reason i can use it as a capital letter. It's a HP something.

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4 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

yeah i use that when looking at "stuff" but still delete history weekly if I remember!

Yeah, incognito is very useful for when I'm buying surprise gifts for the Mrs online. She'll never find out!

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