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Any of you experienced Dolphins? Been to a show, swan with them? For me its an amazing experience, which i urge you to take at any opportunity.The way they perform. It's like they communicate with you,, get in your head. I always buzzing after a dolphin experince. Tenneriffe being the best one.Got a day booked Thursday in Albufeira. Feeling excited.


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I like Dolphins, see them all the time when the ships at sea, swimming off the front of the ship. 

In the gulf I seen in excess of 60-100 jumping into the air and swimming away from something, or chasing something. Looks class!!

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The only Dolphins I used to like was the Miami Dolphins and being as I can't swim, I don't suppose I ever will but I'm told that it is an amazing thing to do.

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Done the ultimate dolphin experience, The other week in Portugal, 170 euro, gets you 90 mins. 30 of those being in a pool with the Dolphins, 3 people, 3 Dolphins, and 3 Trainer's. amazing experience. fuck the cost, If you get an opportunity, do it.

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