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David Cameron.

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whilst we all know, Ha has a face only a cosh could love. I never thought it was possible to hate a politician the way i hate this guy. Totally proven liar, Many times over. I seriously wanna take a bat to him, Only having to stop through sheer exhaustion. vile despicable man. Cancer is too good for him.

What's your thought's on him?

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Jilly Teresa Chapman

Well Mr Cameron, let's just think about something here hmmm?

You have a Secretary of State for work and pensions.

Who doesn't believe in a welfare state.
Who attacks the sick and disabled.
Who deprives retired people of their pensions.
Who penalises women and their pensions (logical?)

A Secretary of State for Health.

Who doesn't believe in an NHS! 
Who has no negotiation skills and attacks his own workforce (logical?)

A Secretary of State for Education.

Who doesn't believe in an egalitarian education but wants to turn every school in the land into a business, not one that puts the children of our nation first! (Logical?)

A Chancellor of the Exchequer who deprives the rest of us under the banner of 'Austerity', cuts funding to ALL public services and departments.
But avoids paying Corporation Tax himself. (Take out of the pot, and not pay in, Logical?)

A Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs, who oversees Human Rights and approves the appointment of Saudi Prince on the Chair of the UN Human Rights Council ( they have the worst record in Human Rights, (Logical?)

A Secretary of State for Justice.

Who has restricted and amended the whole Legal Aid system virtually rendering it unavailable to those on a low income!

A Minister of the Secretary of State for Home Affairs: 
Who cuts the police force, closes the central training centre for police (Hendon), then looks to privatise our police force and hand the contract to GS4, which, incidentally her husband has shares in !!

And yet, you mock the Shadow Cabinet. You mock a vegan as extreme. Yet you want to repeal the fox hunting act for sport. I consider that extreme!

Looking after the interests of society?



Oh, and there's you, where do I start here?

An Ex Bullingdon boy, a club known for their extreme bullying, sexual perversion, hatred of the poor, violent and thug like behaviour.

A Liar.

Sympathiser of those, that horrendously breach the human rights of others.

1 word .......PANAMA!

Bullying, schoolboy tactics in the House of Commons (which just happens to be where the rest of us have our lives discussed and ours and our children's futures decided.)

Election fraud.

Countless indiscretions.

Complete control of the media.

Dishonest and underhanded practices rife.

You and your shabby crew are the most incompetent government.

And you think you have the moral right to mock others!!!!!!

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Yeah I cannot stand this man,  I was just saying last night that I've never hated a politician as much as this twat.  

Vote leave,  another good thing of voting leave is that this cunt will step down.  

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Can there ever be more proof than this, That this man is a lying conceited cunt. Only interested in looking after himself, When his time as PM is up, And he will no doubt get a cushy job as envy to China, or something similar. Hence the Welsh steel plant closure, and the levy paid to China for cheap steel.


cameron out.jpg

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