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Nanny State!

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What's going on here? Just nipped for a quick drink, coming off a shitty night shift. Ordered a large large JD with ice.(=4 measures of JD). I dont get it served in a nice glass, with some kind of emblem on it, Like the beer glasses have Stella, Carling etc. Or even just a plain spirit glass. On the glass is drinkaware, And loads of shit about alcohol. I bought the glass home, Just so i could bin it. sick of this nanny state shit.That glass pissed me off so much. I stopped off at Tesco, and bought 4 pint cans of Stella in protest.Guess that worked Cameron you cunt.

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19 hours ago, Hh7 said:

If it was that much of a 'nanny state' you wouldn't get served 4 measures after a night shift at all. What is in the glass is still tasting the same. No one is stopping you. That is called living in the freedom that is the West. Try living somewhere like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and the like. I'd sooner have a so called 'nanny state' than some alternatives.

Been to Dubai a few times, Outside of your hotel/resort, You really cant do fuck all, other than eat and drink fizzy pop. Thing is the people choose it to be like that. In the UK, our beloved government, Are going to put a tax on fizzy pop. I did not consent to that. I like my IRN BRU. (spelt properly by the way, not IRON BREW, like the shite ASDA/TESCO put out). Only BARRS make IRN BRU.

How about we just hit the fat lazy bastards, Who do fuck all, all day other than watch their family on jeremy kyle, eat microwave meals and doughnuts, loads of LIDL micro burgers, shag their sisters, and watch celtic every other saturday. (sorry HH, had to slip that one in).;)

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2 hours ago, Hh7 said:

. As for the fat bastards, I guess that is their life choice. They have the freedom to do that here. Ultimately they are just limiting their own life chances. The only exercise they probably get is going to Ibrox every 2nd Saturday;)



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